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My Q: Meet Paul Toulmin

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Paul is a recycling/compost advocate.  Here is an audio clip of our  Radio staff  paying their tribute to Paul  by reading his emails that he would send to staff in regards to recycling, composting and the refrigerator in the FM kitchen.

Thanks to Amanda Stupi for the idea,   Irene Noguchi for organizing & Alex Helmick for mixing it.  Contributors were Scott Shafer, Victoria Mauleon, Suzie Racho. Devin Katayama, Lindsey Hoshaw & Matt Elmore.



Name: Paul Toulmin


I live in:  San Francisco

I started working at KQED in:  +/-1995

My KQED job title is: Radio Listener Services

What I do in five words or less: Answer listener questions and comments

A weird/fun fact about the town where I grew up:  Town close to Boston but almost entirely farms now highest incomes in New England.

If I could have any job in the world (besides the one I have now), I would be: A  beach umbrella provider in the Virgin Islands.

What's a passion that your co-workers might not know about? I love to sleep.

Who or what inspires you and why?  Encountering something new or different each day

Do you have a motto or theme song that motivates you?  I still have plenty to live for.

What are two or three favorite public media programs or services (TV, radio, podcast, Web) and why?  Forum, This American Life, All Things Considered  covers so many important issues and people. This American Life brings tells a wide variety  of great stories. All Things Considered wraps up the day’s news, keeping us informed and up to date.


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