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My Q: Meet Craig Martin

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Name: Craig Martin

I live in: Oakland

I started working at KQED in: 1989

My KQED job title is: Local Marketing Director


What I do in five words or less: Raise on-air sponsorship dollars

A weird/fun fact about the town where I grew up: In Cleveland, our light and power company has the elegant name of the Cleveland Illuminating Company.

If I could have any job in the world (besides the one I have now), I would be: I would like to provide high-end restaurants with fresh food from my local farm. That way I’d have a town and country lifestyle.

What's a passion that your co-workers might not know about? I am currently obsessed with collecting vintage watches. They are rare and beautiful.

Who or what inspires you and why? My Labrador, Thelonious Mookie’s Monkey, is interested in exploring space. In his mind, he is a captain of a space exploration regiment of Her Majesty’s Royal British Airforce. He takes his role as protector of the galaxy very seriously. Each day you can see him staring into the sky. Space is the place!

Do you have a motto or theme song that motivates you? “Now’s the Time,” by Charlie Parker

What are some favorite public media programs and why?
I would listen more to public radio if they still played music. I don’t like news talk formats. On KQED 9, I love American Masters.

Produced by Sphere 39:

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Jasmany Flores
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