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The TED Radio Hour is a journey through fascinating ideas, astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems, and new ways to think and create.

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11 min

Kelsey Leonard: What If Lakes And Rivers Had Legal Rights?

Water is life. Yet in the eyes of the law, it remains largely unprotected. Legal scholar Kelsey Leonard says granting water bodies legal personhood can transform how we value this vital resource.
16 min

Colette Pichon Battle: How Can We Prepare For The Next Hurricane Katrina?

Sea level rise will displace millions by 2100 — and the Louisiana bayous, where Colette Pichon Battle lives, may disappear entirely. She describes how we can avert the worst when disaster strikes.
14 min

LaToya Ruby Frazier: What Is The Human Cost Of Toxic Water And Environmental Racism?

Flint, Michigan is the site of one of the worst ongoing water crises in recent U.S. history. Artist LaToya Ruby Frazier has spent years capturing the stories of life living with toxic water.
6 min

Kelsey Leonard: How Did We Lose Our Connection To Water?

Kelsey Leonard was taught we are born with a deep connection to water and a duty to protect it. But today, she says, most of us have lost that connection—and the world is suffering because of it.
52 min

Laurel Braitman: From Healthcare Workers To The Rest Of Us — How Can We Better Cope?

Healthcare jobs are already stressful. Add a pandemic ... and ongoing police brutality? And it's a lot. We hear from physicians of color and TED Fellow Laurel Braitman about taking care of ourselves.
13 min

Siamak Hariri: How Do You Create A Sacred Space?

To design the Bahá'í Temple of South America, architect Siamak Hariri had to reimagine what a sacred space looks like. He found his answer and design in illumination.
11 min

Es Devlin: How Do Spaces Shape Our Memories And Experiences?

How does a designer take an abstract idea and turn a space into an experience? Artist Es Devlin explores the influence of the spaces and structures we create—in theater, art, music, and beyond.
11 min

David Byrne: How Do Spaces Shape The Music We Make?

David Byrne says "context has a huge effect on creativity." He draws on his time with Talking Heads, as well as Bach, Gregorian chant, even birds—to show how spaces affect the music we write and play.