A blue tent has been set up along the wall of a building on a rainy sidewalk on a busy city street. The parking spaces nearest the tent are filled with trash – plastic bags, open takeout containers full of food, a paper cup – and additional trash is piled at the base of a tree next to the tent. In the background, a person in a green jacket walks away down the street.

More People Became Unhoused Across the Bay Area Over Last 3 Years — Except in SF

A person in a raincoat and black mask covering nose and mouth stands in front of building holdings signs that say "Stop Evictions" and "Cancel Rent."

For Many Tenants, Section 8 Is a Broken Promise. Fixing It Could Keep More People Housed

Ayuda para la renta en California: ¿Ya la solicitó y sigue esperando? Esto es lo que usted (y su arrendador) pueden hacer ahora

SF Assembly Race | Congressmember Eric Swalwell

A woman holds up a big sign that says "Cancel Rents of People Die."

California Lawmakers Extend Eviction Protections for Tenants Awaiting Rent Relief

Ayuda para la renta durante COVID-19: Lo que los inquilinos y los propietarios deben saber antes de la fecha límite del 31 de marzo

A woman at a protest displays a sign hanging around her neck that says: 'Evictions Are Violent. We Won't Be Silent.'

California Assembly Approves Bill to Extend Statewide Eviction Protections Through End of June

A demonstrator holds a sign that says 'Housing Is A Human Right'

California Poised to Extend Eviction Protections — but You Must Apply for COVID Rent Relief by March 31

A red 'for rent' sign hangs in window of classic SF victorian building with downtown skyline in background

More Than 116,000 SF Residents Moved Away During Pandemic's First Year