Several people stand in black graduation cap and gowns outside

'Celebrating With a Tinge of Grief': Mills College's Last Class Graduates Before Merger

White T-shirt with the message "your hate is disgusting" in red ink.

At a Sonoma County High School, Students of Color Demand an End to Racist Harassment

A man wearing glasses, dress pants and a dress shirt leans with both hands on a green playground apparatus talking to two children.

Bay Area Schools See Families Leave Cities, Flock to Suburbs

SFPD officer holds megaphone pointing down to three protesters sitting cross legged in the street as police and other protesters look on

'Gut-Wrenching': City College of San Francisco Lays Off 38 Faculty, but More Cuts May Be on the Way

A white person with short, brown hair and black-framed glasses, dressed in a blue, patterned collared shirt, stands above a freeway holding out a yellow sheet of paper toward at least 10 lanes of traffic below. The paper says, “ACLU. Abortion is healthcare. Abortion is a right,” in bold, capitalized, red text. There are skyscrapers and palm trees alongside the freeway to the right, and at eye level, above the freeway, are at least two other pedestrian or car bridges.

'We Fill the Gaps': California Preps to Be a Haven for Abortion Rights

Two men wearing hoodies and face masks shake hands while facing a boy who wears a backpack, face mask and blue hoodie on a sidewalk.

What's a Black School Worth in Oakland? Grass Valley Elementary Community Braces for 2nd Closure in a Decade

A group of young teens dressed mostly in bright blue or yellow smile, laugh, and reach their arms out to cheer their football team.

Charter Schools Examine the Future Amid Teacher Shortage and Declining Enrollment

At a long wooden table with three wooden chairs on both sides, two young men, and one additional person only marginally visible beyond them, sit studying. Both work on laptop computers and wear earbud headphones. Two modern yet art deco-looking lamps sit atop the table, with lighted half-domes facing the ceiling, the domes on metal rods attached to wood-and-metal boxes. A bookshelf lines the entire wall beyond the study table, partly empty but with many periodical boxes showing the spines of magazines.

University of California Departments Consider Ditching Letter-Grade System for New Students

The general store in Orick, California is a two-storey building with wood siding painted in red, and battered with age. Four white poles run from the ground up through the second-story deck, with white trim along the deck. Lace curtains hang in the second-storey windows.

Voracious Wildfires, Rising Costs, School Closures: Student Enrollment Plummets in Rural Northern California