Media-Making ToolkitMedia-Making Toolkit

Are you interested in integrating media making into your classroom? Making media, such as videos, narrated slideshows and online maps, can be an engaging way for students to demonstrate knowledge and build critical thinking skills. Find instructions, videos, worksheets and rubrics for implementing media-making projects with students. We also have self-paced professional development courses that you can take to learn media production!


Media Making in the Science Classroom
An overview of the intersection between skills needed in science and media production.

Introduction to the Media-Making for Science Education Toolkit
An overview of the resources in the Toolkit.

Choosing Content, Media and Equipment

Choosing Content
What makes a quality piece of science media?

Choosing Your Media Format
What type of media format is best suited to tell your story?

Choosing Equipment
How do you decide on equipment to purchase and/or use?

Resources for Video and Slideshows

Media-Making Resources - Video
Tips and resources for creating short videos.

Media-Making Resources - Slideshows
Tips and resources for creating captioned and audio slideshows (a.k.a. "digital stories").

Media Planning Worksheet
Plan ahead for a smooth media-making process.

Interview Techniques
How do you get the most out of your interview?

Script Worksheet
Here's a blank script worksheet that will get you started on your project.

Storyboard Template
Storyboard template for planning slideshow and video projects.

Rubric for Video and Slideshows
Sample rubric for slideshow and video projects.

Resources for Maps

Media Making Resources
Tips and resources for creating media-rich maps.

Map Planning Worksheet
Plan ahead for a smooth map-making process.

Media Log for Maps
Keep track of the media you embed in your map projects.

Rubric for Maps
Sample rubric for map projects.

General Resources

Multimedia Project Implementation Plan
To assist you in planning your project.

Media Copyright
Things to keep in mind regarding copyright.

Publishing Media
Sharing and publishing your media creations.

A glossary of terms for media making.

Sample Student Multimedia Projects

Find teacher-created resources for many of these projects below.
- An online map of an ecology trail in the Presidio
- An online map showing the diversity of plants in a nearby creek
- A narrated slideshow explaining a historical earthquake
- A planetary travel "promotional" video
- A video about designing an experiment and the scientific method
- A "how to" video: DNA Extraction from Peas
- A stop motion animation video on animal phyla: Echinoderms (made using iStopMotion and iMovie)

Sample Teacher-Created Resources for Student Media Projects

Grade 6: Earth Science
Historical Earthquake Project Overview (pdf) Students create a narrated slideshow about a historical earthquake.

Grade 7: Life Science
The Scientific Method Project Overview (pdf) Students design and conduct an experiment then create a video about the process.
How to Use iMovie (pdf) A handout for students on importing, editing and exporting video from iMovie.
Filming Tips (pdf) Handout for students with tips for filming with handheld video cameras.
Filming Tips Presentation (pdf) Tips for teachers to share with students about filming and using iMovie.

Grade 8: Physical Science
Interplanetary Travel Project Overview (pdf) Students create a travel video about a site within the solar system.
Interplanetary Travel Project Student Guidelines (pdf) Handout for students with guidelines for their videos.
Interplanetary Travel Project Teacher Guidelines (pdf) An overview of materials needed, steps and a timeline for project implementation.
Interplanetary Travel Project Rubric (pdf) Rubric for evaluating students' Interplanetary Travel videos.

Grades 9-12: Physics/Chemistry
Science in Your Community Project Overview (pdf) Students create multimedia projects about a science concept or issue important to their community.
Science in Your Community Project Handout (pdf) An overview and guidelines for students about the project.

Grades 9-12: Biology
Refugio Valley Creek Project (pdf) Students create a Google Map of plants around a nearby creek.