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On the Internet, we live to watch the funniest YouTube videos, read the weirdest news, play the newest games, and do whatever else is passed along the office email list. Shouldn’t our blog subscriptions be as dynamic? I’ve compiled a brief list of local bloggers who appeal to my daily need for the cute, the bizarre, and the awesome.

I have to admit that I tend to gravitate towards blogs that expose my inner feelings of schadenfreude. I can’t stop myself from visiting sites like Awkward Family Photos or Regretsy just laugh at another’s expense.  Rather than being as malicious as a high school clique, these blogs claim to be good-natured and fun, which is why so many of them sprout up across the interwebs. Among them is Promtacular, a site that describes itself in three sentences: “The Sequins. The Lace. The Photographic Evidence”. Users submit the most horrifying discoveries from their past and Promtacular archives the photos of tragically coiffed teens for the ages.

Work It, Berk
Work It, Berk is an homage to the king of fashion blogs, The Sartorialist. Created by Cal student Brittany Curran, Work It, Berk catalogs the street fashion of Berkeley (as well as San Francisco) by candidly approaching well-dressed denizens and photographing their style. I really like that this blog is for the locals, by the locals; it’s like a farmer’s market for fashion. On the other hand, it’s also unnerving to know that there is a photographer waiting to ambush you outside your class, but it at least discourages me from wearing a hoodie and sweatpants everyday, for fear of being side-eyed by the fashionistas of Work It, Berk.

Stuff You Can’t Have
The best part of this blog is implied by its title. See anything you like on this blog? Too bad, ya can’t have it! Which is unfortunate for people who are really into drawer knobs made out of bowling trophies and recycled Wonderbread. Looking through Oakland artist Catherine McEver’s blog is like rummaging through your Great Aunt’s attic and gluing everything you find together: “Why is there a bag of soda can tabs up here, and can I attach them to these dusty cigarette boxes to make a handbag?” Yes, yes you can.

My Milk Toof
My Milk Toof chronicles the lives of ickle and Lardee, baby teeth that live with Berkeley artist Inhae Renee Lee. Lee has constructed a miniature world out of tiny handmade props, including a bunk bed, xylophone, and even Halloween costumes for her little friends. Ickle is the sensible toof, while Lardee is impulsive and quite the baby of the two. Together, they pretend to be superheroes, celebrate the holidays, and eat ice-cream in the most adorable ways possible.


Dawn Chapel
Dawn Chapel recently had a smash hit on the Internet with this charming depiction of the web browser Firefox. After I “awwwwed” for about ten minutes, I looked through the archives and found that Brian Root, the artist and creator of Dawn Chapel, is a fantastic storyteller. Through his ink and watercolor illustrations, he retells Seneca folk tales, and pokes fun at Michael Bubl&eacute. Other than posting his own webcomics, Root also republishes his own finds from the Internet, including comic tutorials and video animation.


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