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Opening Doors: Exploring the Green Economy with ESL Students

This curriculum explores employment and training opportunities for ESL students in the growing green economy. The green technology lesson plans are intended to support ESL and vocational students who are attending green training programs.

The lessons are appropriate for different levels of student proficiency in English and are intended to be incorporated into existing curriculum. The activities can be adapted for different student groups.


Green Collar Jobs: Exploring Opportunities

Through listening, reading, speaking, writing and researching local green construction training programs, students examine how green collar jobs present new opportunities.

Lesson Plan

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California Community College Green Jobs Training Programs

This map identifies California Community Colleges programs that offer Green Jobs training.
Map created by: Roy Robles - Career Ladders Project

View California Community College Green Jobs Training Programs in a larger map


Is a Green Economy the Key to Job Growth?

Drawing upon "You Decide — Challenge Your Assumptions," the lesson explores how moving toward renewable energy sources to reduce carbon emissions will create different types of jobs—green jobs. Students are encouraged to think through what those jobs will be and how the green economy may present them with training and career opportunities.

Lesson Plan

Is a green economy the key to job growth?

You Decide


Green Jobs and Green Entrepreneurs

Students explore the meaning of a green economy, analyze what is involved in being an entrepreneur and starting one's own business, while learning vocabulary and grammar and practicing listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.

Lesson Plan

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Green Collar Jobs in the Culinary Arts

Students locate and explore jobs in the culinary arts field that support a green environment, and reflect on the importance of the growth of a green economy in their own lives.

Lesson Plan

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Green Building Revolution

Students will develop an awareness of how the construction industry is becoming increasingly green through sustainable design and construction of buildings—that is, buildings constructed with water conservation and energy efficiency as guiding principles, together with the selection
of materials that protect the environment and the future of the planet.

Lesson Plan

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Going Solar

This lesson focuses on energy efficiency, in particular the use of solar energy in the green building industry. Students will learn how solar panels are constructed and installed and how energy from the sun is captured and converted into electricity.

Lesson Plan


Media-Rich Resources

"Green Collar Jobs" (NOW on PBS)

"The Future of Green Jobs" (NOW on PBS)

"Green Jobs: Hope or Hype" (NOW on PBS)

"The Veggie Van" (NOW on PBS)

"You Decide: Is a Green Economy the Key to Job Growth?"

California Community College Green Jobs Training Programs
Interactive location map of community colleges in California offering green training programs

"Green Building Revolution" (QUEST)

 "Solar City: The Future of Nanosolar"( QUEST)

"Clue into Climate: Energy Sources"


"Clue into Climate: Carbon Dioxide and Climate Change"

"Clue into Climate: The Greenhouse Effect and Greenhouse Gases" (PDF)

"National Geographic: Causes of Global Warming"

"Sustainable Design" at the California Academy of Sciences

Slideshow of solar panel installation on the roof at KQED

YouTube video on How Solar Power Works: Introduction to Photovoltaics at

Video of solar panel installation at

Useful Websites

Green For All

An environmental group dedicated to bringing green jobs to the disadvantaged, offers information and resources on green collar jobs and how to find them

Find seasonal or year-round jobs working for employers who can offer you unique opportunities to travel the world

Solar Living Institute

A non-profit educational organization whose mission is to promote sustainable living through inspirational environmental education

QUEST Education

Clue into Climate

ESL Post-Secondary Resources

CityBuild Job Training Program

Green Launch Pad Program

Laney College's Green Energy Programs

Audio Link

"L.A.'s Push for Green Jobs"

Related Programming From KQED-KTEH, PBS and NPR

"Green Building Revolution" (QUEST)

"Trash on the Spin Cycle" (Ocean Adventures)


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