Creepy, Crawly Night with "Deep Look"


Deep Look is a PBS and KQED YouTube wildlife and nature series that explores big scientific mysteries by going incredibly small. They’ve captured the inside of a Mexican jumping bean in motion, a bee lining her nest with leaves, a flower releasing pollen, and much more. But we aren’t going to focus on any flowers or butterflies in October! For this Halloween-edition of Deep Look, we’ll screen four stomach-turning episodes about scorpions, turret spiders, bats, and ticks to learn what makes them…tick (sorry couldn’t help it). The producers who created the videos will interview the scientists behind the research, and we’ll make sure we get to your questions too.

To learn how Deep Look films those microscopic scorpion pincers, our live cameras will zoom in on Josh Cassidy, Deep Look’s cinematographer, as he films live with Deep Look’s ultra-HD (4K) lens. He’ll give us a behind-the-scenes look at how he works to tell stories on a microscopic lens with such charming protagonists.

In case those visuals aren’t enough, you’ll get the chance to see spooky creatures up close. After the screening, the audience can encounter live bats, ticks, and spiders. Maybe even a leech. But don’t worry – they’ll be in escape-proof protection. We promise.


Kerry A. Padgett, Ph.D. - Chief, High Risk Pathogens Section, California Department of Public Health

Megan Saunders, Ph.D. - Senior Public Health Biologist, Vector-Borne Disease Section, California Department of Public Health

Mary Jean "Corky" Quirk - Founder, NorCalBats

Trent Pearce - Naturalist, Tilden, East Bay Regional Park District

Jacob Gorneau - Scorpion expert, current Masters Student at Cal Academy of Sciences

Ticket Price$10 - $0
WHEN1635386400 (PT)
WHEREKQED Headquarters
2601 Mariposa Street, San Francisco, CA 94110