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Spring/Summer 2017

Below is the Do Now schedule for spring and summer 2017. As you can see, some of the future posts do not have selected topics as we strive to respond to what's happening in the world in real time. The future topics that have been selected can provide time to plan deeper engagement opportunities for learners. We hope educators can assign media making projects for these topics so that learners can create and contribute media arguments to the conversation. These media arguments can be made through a variety of formats and approaches. Check out our digital tools for ideas on what type of media learners can create. In terms of approaches to developing media making assignments, here are a couple ideas:

  1. Have your learners explain or express the way the issue affects their community. This can provide a unique perspective to the conversation.
  2. Develop a perspective on the issue based on what is being taught in class. For example, if the class is learning about the U.S. Civil War and the topic is about immigration, assign students to look at the issue through popular beliefs of the North or South during that time or through the perspective of a specific public figure.

To see one of the posts, click on the topic. To view past Do Now schedules, click on the different tabs.

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