About KQED TeachAbout KQED Teach

At KQED, we believe that media literacy requires you to be able to “read” media by critically analyzing its composition, messages, biases, and sources, as well as  be able to “write” media by knowing how to communicate your ideas to different audiences using text, images, audio, and video.  As with traditional literacy, you wouldn’t say that you were literate if all you could do is read but not write. This is true for media literacy too! We offer KQED Teach so that educators, like you, can learn how to do just that.

On KQED Teach, we have self-paced courses on a variety of media literacy topics--including media making. In every course, you will be asked to analyze, make, share and implement your new knowledge into your classroom or school. Our courses are designed to be short and active because we want to give you the time to practice your own skills before you bring them to your students. This isn’t the time to worry about making your projects perfect! This is the place for you to play around, experiment and improve your skills with a supportive community of educators.