Victoria Gannon

Victoria Gannon goes by "Vicky." She only uses "Victoria" for her byline. She has spent much of her adult life attempting to translate the things she sees into words. This pursuit has led her to write about many subjects, including flea market vendors in Maine, informal day laborer hiring sites in northern California, and art exhibitions of all sorts. Vicky is a recent graduate of the Visual and Critical Studies program at California College of the Arts; her time there stimulated, informed, and challenged her writing on sights.Gannon is a Bay Area native, and after several years on the East Coast and one in the Midwest, she finds herself unexpectedly thrilled to be back home. Her travels and relocations have given her a new fascination with personal and cultural geographies, landscapes of childhood, and memory's effect on place. She has a slowly evolving blog, which is more archive than running commentary, at As you will see there, she also has a thing for basset hounds.