Sponsored Content GuidelinesSponsored Content Guidelines

KQED’s Corporate Sponsorship Department assists sponsors in creating content that is paid for by the sponsor (“Sponsored Content”). Although such Sponsored Content appears on KQED’s website, KQED’s editorial management and staff are not involved in the creation of the content. The following guidelines apply to Sponsored Content:

  • KQED will prominently identify Sponsored Content in a manner that unambiguously alerts website users that such content is paid for and influenced by the sponsor.
  • KQED will ensure the treatment and design of Sponsored Content is visually differentiated and readily distinguishable from KQED editorial content.
  • Sponsors must ensure that Sponsored Content is substantiated and complies with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • KQED will at any time reject or remove any Sponsored Content that contains false, deceptive, potentially misleading (whether by misrepresentation or omission) or unlawful content.
  • KQED will not accept any Sponsored Content that presents a sponsor’s political views or positions on any issue of public importance or controversy.
  • KQED may also reject or remove content that is inconsistent with KQED’s standards and policies or has the potential to harm to KQED’s reputation or brand, as determined by KQED in its sole discretion.