Michele MurphyMichele Murphy

Vice President, Member Generosity & Audience Intelligence

Michele Murphy is Vice President, Member Generosity & Audience Intelligence at KQED. She is responsible for a quarter of the annual revenue amassed through direct marketing, including digital efforts. She also oversees the Audience Intelligence team who are responsible for helping KQED to understand the “Why?” of audiences’ behaviors. This includes KQED’s Audience Research Community, a group of KQED audience members who provide insight that informs the work of many departments at KQED.

Prior to joining KQED in 2016 Murphy spent two decades working with other San Francisco Bay Area based non-profits, including her alma mater, Mills College and the University of California, San Francisco, launching successful new fundraising initiatives at each. Michele also served as the Director of International Development Operations for the PeTA Foundation where she handled the planning, development and execution of fundraising-related support services for the PeTA Foundation and its international affiliates.