Donor Story Transcript - LaurieDonor Story Transcript - Laurie

Laurie, KQED Legacy Society Member

Laurie [00:00:02] I support public media because it supports me. And it doesn't support just me. It supports everybody everywhere all the time. Hi, I'm Laurie and I'm a member of KQED. I love the Bay Area. San Francisco is a fabulous city. We have the San Francisco Giants. Woo-hoo!  I love San Anselmo. I've lived here since 1985. It's hugely community oriented. It’s a wonderful town for raising a family, where you know people, and you run into your friends at the supermarket. It's a terrific place to live. I am an avid hiker and the hiking is amazing here. I have terrific friends that are also interested in the same thing. And so that is something that we do frequently. So as a financial planner, I often work with clients in advising them on how best to leave their assets to charities like KQED. I knew that making an estate planning gift would be easy to do from my IRA. All I had to do was ask my IRA administrator for a form and name KQED as a beneficiary. I would like to feel like I'm leaving KQED in good hands once I am no longer here so that my sons, their kids, and their kids’ kids will continue to have KQED as a resource long after I'm gone.

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