Motherhood - Episode 5

30 min

Before we even know who we are and what we want out of life, women are expected to mother, to ultimately be mothers. And for women of color? There are added financial and cultural pressures as well as legacies of historical trauma and present-day racism that we are often up against.

How do all these forces impact the choice to be a mother? And how might we reimagine what it even means to be a mother? In this episode of Truth Be Told, we talk with Audrey Galo, founder of AG Voiced, Tanya Menendez, entrepreneur, and Jennifer Devere Brody, scholar– all women at various stages of life– about the choice to have children.

Why The World tarot card?

The World card signifies the feeling of success and achievement after working hard to create something. This sense of celebratory completion can manifest in the birth of a child, a major career achievement or creative project– it isn’t prescriptive, it’s just joyous.  Since this episode on motherhood explores the different ways we can choose to nurture and create, we couldn’t think of a more fitting card to represent “Motherhood” than The World.