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Espinoza-Garcia Family Album

My name is Araceli Garcia and my husband's name is José Espinoza. We come from Mexico. We have two kids, Jocelynne Espinoza Garcia and José Loiz Jr. Espinoza Garcia. We are a strong, happy family.

When I was sixteen years old, I moved to the United States with my brother Salvador. I went to Menlo Atherton High School and got my diploma. Then I went to Cañada College in Redwood City to study nurse assistant. I received my diploma in 1996. I am now studying CEC Units for Early Childhood Education at Cañada College, and have received my certificate. I will continue and receive my teaching credential so I can have a good future for me and my kids.






This is a picture of José Espinoza when he was young.
It was taken in Aguililla, Michoacan.















This is my daughter Jocelynne Espinoza Garcia when she was born in Redwood City, California. 1997




This is my son Junior Espinoza Garcia when he was born in Redwood City. 1998






In this picture, Jocelynne is 10 months old,
Junior is 2 months old.









Mom and the kids having fun in the park.


Whole family, taken at my brother's wedding, in August 2001.

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