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About the Series
American Family airs on KQED Public TV 9 every Wednesday at 10pm.

American Family is the first drama series ever to air on broadcast television featuring a Latino cast, and the first original primetime American episodic drama on PBS in decades.

American Family reveals the enduring strength of family in America today as it chronicles the lives of the Gonzalez's, residents of East Los Angeles. Jess Gonzalez (Edward James Olmos), the conservative patriarch, and his daughter Nina Gonzalez (Constance Marie), a feminist attorney, are constantly at odds with each other. Nina has moved back home following a family tragedy. She must make the difficult choice between her dreams of a career in Washington, D.C., or staying home to help raise Pablito, her brother Esteban's son. Esteban (Esai Morales) struggles to rebuild his life after serving time in prison. Flamboyant Aunt Dora (Raquel Welch) lives next door and adds some spice to everyone's life. All the while, Cisco Gonzalez (A.J. Lamas), the youngest sibling, secretly videotapes the family's antics and posts the "family drama" on his Web site.

Episode 7: Crash Boom Love (Part I)
Wednesday, June 12, 10pm

Ofelia is shocked to learn that Esteban was in prison. In Esteban's mentoring group, tensions run high and violence seems inevitable among the rival gangs. When fire breaks out at a nearby children's hospital, they are all engaged in a desperate fight against the raging blaze. Length: 0:44:46 CC ST TVPG

Episode 8: Crash Boom Love (Part 2)
Wednesday, June 12, 10:45

Nina has to fight City Hall to keep the local rec center open and keep Latino youth off the streets. She is heartbroken to discover that it is her own boyfriend who is trying to shut the center down. Nina must make a difficult choice. Length: 0:50:01 CC ST TVPG

Episode 10: The Forgotten War
Wednesday, June 19, 10pm

The events of September 11 trigger memories that Jess has of his own experiences during the Korean War. Length: 0:50:00 CC ST TVPG

Episode 11: La Cama (The Bed)
Wednesday, June 19, 10:50pm

Jess prepares to go on his first date after the death of his wife Berta but is suddenly overcome with memories of their life together. Jess struggles with the idea of moving on with his life. Length: 0:52:00 CC ST TVPG

Episode 12: Citizen Cisco
Wednesday, June 26 10pm

Cisco makes an independent film about his life and family as he explores what it means to be a Gonzalez. But complications arise with his relationship with Valeria when he refuses to ever put the camera down. Length: 0:50:00 CC ST TVPG

Episode 13: Silence of God
Wednesday, June 26, 10:50pm

Esteban and Ofelia are at a painful crossroads and suddenly Pablito has disappeared. A harrowing journey begins, shot all in one continuous take, as Esteban must find Pablito and finally deal with his past. Length: 0:52:00 CC ST TVPG

Principal funding for the series is provided by PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).


This project was funded by PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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