Snapshots of Asian America: A Look at the Movement's Spirit and Legacy
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Cover from Gidra newspaper, first published in 1969. Gidra was the first Asian American newspaper; this cover shows two roles that women revolutionaries played: fighters and mothers. But for Asian American women like Carol Ojeda-Kimbrough (see text below), balancing -- and sometimes choosing -- between these roles was initially difficult.

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The Chosen Road


The trail forked numerous ways. Political upheaval in the Philippines in 1972, barely three months into my freshman year at University of the Philippines, opened up many choices for me. That was the year when Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law. All of a sudden my world at UP (University of the Philippines) quickly transformed from an environment of academic freedom to a virtual prison, with all buildings fenced by barbed wire fences and military personnel posted at all entrances. I had to choose between continuing my studies ...or drop out and become a full time activist against the dictatorship.

After more than 25 years of working for social change in two countries with different sets of cultures and political situations, I have learned that there are many ways of effecting change. I have come to accept that we have different roles to play in this protracted struggle for change, based on our individual capacities and abilities and, therefore, every contribution matters.

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