Snapshots of Asian America: A Look at the Movement's Spirit and Legacy
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01 Transforming Ourselves
02 Not Without Struggle
03 Serve the People
04 Listening to the Small Voice
05 The Big Picture
06 Revolution

04 Listening to the Small Voice

Listening to the Small Voice Speaking the Truth: Grassroots Organizing and the Legacy of Our Movement
Glenn Omatsu

Transforming Student Elites Into Community Activists: A Legacy of Asian American Activism
Harvey Dong

Growing Up In America as a Young Filipina
Rose Ibañez

Wherever There is Oppression
Ray Tasaki

The Advent and Origins of the Asian American Movement in the San Francisco Bay Area: A Personal Perspective
Floyd Huen

Parting the Wild Horse's Mane: Asian American Images an the Asian Media Collective (a One-Act Readable Play)
Gordon Lee

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