Snapshots of Asian America: A Look at the Movement's Spirit and Legacy
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Graphic from Asian American Political Alliance newspaper, Berkeley, 1969. Images like this one asserted the idea that when women are considered "beauty objects," it is based on sexist gender stereotypes. This changing consciousness about women occurred during a period of great turmoil in society, and as Rose Ibanez puts it, led her to be "open and to understand many other issues" (see text below).

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Growing Up In America as a Young Filipina


One of my early experiences occurred because of my older sister's involvement with Matapang -- a group of Pinays at San Diego State University who were making a statement about women and minority rights. One of their members posed as a contestant in one of the many Filipina beauty contests during that time. She gave a protest speech during the question/answer period about the sexism promoted by those contests.

Being involved during this period definitely had an impact on me as a young woman. It was a period that led me to be open and to understand many other issues. It will continue to be a part of me today, which I share with my daughters, family, friends, the community, and students who continue to advocate for change.

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