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For Teachers

Ready To Learn Workshops for Parents and Child Care Professionals
KQED Ready To Learn has integrated Becoming American film segments -- along with clips from the PBS children's program Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat -- into workshops designed to build empathy and understanding of the experiences of immigrant families and children. There are no workshops currently scheduled. For more information, contact readytolearn@kqed.org.

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Workshops and Lesson Plans for Educators
In collaboration with The Association of Chinese Teachers in San Francisco, KQED has developed the following lesson plan that shows educators how to incorporate Becoming American into their classroom curricula. For information about integrating this material through educator workshops, please contact schoolservices@kqed.org.

Download the lesson plan "Opportunity and Discrimination, A Dream of Gold":
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Grade Level: 4
Subject Areas: History, American Studies
Description: The lesson focuses on what it means to be a citizen of the United States and why the Chinese Exclusion Act is important when considering the concept of racism. It provides critical thinking activities directed at understanding how the Chinese used the legal system and the Constitution of the United States.