Educational Uses of The Castro

The Castro, the third program in KQED's Neighborhoods series, presents a variety of learning opportunities for secondary teachers, counselors and students. The thoughtful profiles in The Castro provide a colorful journey through the history of a unique neighborhood. What happened in the Castro in its transition from a neighborhood of Scandinavians, Irish and Italians is the story of the coming of age of a social movement that helped establish alternative lifestyles of today.

Educators are encouraged to preview the program in its entirety with a group of colleagues, and to keep in mind the different sections that would fit in the school and class curriculum. Follow up with a post-viewing discussion providing opportunities to react to the program, segments, opinions and questions. How does this fit in to the studies of neighborhoods, economics, political and civil rights, health/guidance, diversity of families and lifestyles in your classroom? Have the group design an overall plan on how the selected clips align with the curriculum at each grade level or subject area. This process enables the group to thoughtfully teach and enlighten students on some possibly sensitive topics.

The program may be recorded off-air with one-year retention rights for educational use in schools located in the KQED broadcast area.