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Anita Chang is the recipient of the KQED/Peter J. Owens Emerging Filmmaker Award.  Anita received a cash grant of $10,000 for us in any phase of production, and a variety of post-production services at KQED.


In October of 1999 in Kathmandu, Nepal, after befriending an Asian American filmmaker, three 13-year old Nepali girls, Monika Rasali, Sushma Sada and Vinita Shrestha, bravely took the unique opportunity to share with the filmmaker their ideas on being girls in Nepal, marriage, friendship, love, loneliness, their dreams, and God. SHE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU (27 min., 16mm, color) is the result of these conversations, the filmmaker's own personal observations and reflections while living in Kathmandu, and research with UNICEF/ Meena Initiative experts and academics in the field of women's roles in developing nations. Using interviews, cinema verite techniques, animation and a musical story structure, SHE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU presents the stories of three girls in Nepal and a multi-generational group of Nepali women living in the U.S. Together, their thoughts offer rare insight into the lives of girls in and women from a society steeped in patriarchy and tradition, and at the same time, suggest ways to improve their quality of life and to create opportunities for them to achieve what they desire. Finally, SHE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU offers a space for young Asian female expression and solidarity, and for exploration into the nature of human intimacy across national, cultural and socio-economic borders.


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