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Big Band Magic!
In the early 1900s, war and the Depression melted away when the big bands started to play, and a generation forgot their troubles on the dance floor. Electric, elegant, thrilling and fun, the dance hall became the only way to spend Saturday night. Those same dance halls and ballrooms -- like the El Patio at Market and Van Ness, the Mural Room in the St. Francis Hotel, Sweet's Ballroom in Oakland, among others -- only live in memories, until now.

KQED Public Television 9 and Digital Television 30 brings these memories to life with Big Band Magic! This special celebrates a historic era, with never-before-seen archive films and photos, classic music and dance sequences that recall the spirit of the age, the program tells a story that has remained untold for far too long. Narrated by KQED personality Greg Sherwood, the program revives the memories of an entire generation and treats younger viewers to a glimpse at a fabled period in Bay Area history as a new generation of dance enthusiasts keep the music and dancing alive.

Big Band Magic! originally aired on KQED Public Television 9 in March 2003.

When to Watch
Saturday, June 7, 6:30pm

Television Production Credits
Producer - Bud Gundy
Director - Rick Butler
Editor - Norm Levy
Associate Producer - Hanna Lin
Original Music by - Tom Disher
Camera - Harry Betancourt and Rick Santangelo
Senior Video Technician - Eric Shackelford
Audio - Birrell Walsh
Lighting - Mike Victoria
Jib Operator - James Greenfield
Steadicam Operator - Mike Elwell
Audio Post Facility - Disher Music & Sound
Art Director - Caroline Hendriks
Graphic Designer - Jeffrey Edalatpour
Sound Designer - Ross Wilson
Re-Recording Mixer - Paul Zahnley
Lighting Assistants/Utility - Jim Mckee, Paul Siegel, Rick Edmondson and Juliet Digiovanni
Floor Directors - Margaret Clarke, Randy Brase, Jean Tuckerman, Rick Warren and Mike Wilmot
Additional Camera - Rick Butler and Greg King
Technical Support - Wellington Jon Bowler and Helen Silvani
Online Editor - Robert O'Geen
Make-up - Jenny Zielon
Motion Camera Facilities - Philo Television
Director, Engineering & Operations - Steve Welch
Production Operations - Frank Carfi and Kim McCalla
Unit Managers - Dan Ogawa and Nancy Carter
Scheduling - Simon Hui and Daniela Powers
Legal Assistance - Margaret Berry, David Moyce and Charles King
Publicity - Randall Cole
On-Air Promotions - Bridget Louie
Distribution - Regina Eichner Eisenberg
Archival Consultant - Elizabeth Pepin
Host - Greg Sherwood
Executive Producer - Kurt Mendelsohn
VP, Television Station Manager - Deanne Hamilton

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