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Making Their Move

When successful local performers try to take their careers to another level, Spark asks, "Do they have what it takes?"

Chanticleer's Matt Alber harkens back to his Midwestern roots as he tries to make it into the big time as a country and western star.

Next, they've been making music together for decades, but now the members of the Greek band Kymata want to move beyond wedding gigs to create their own unique fusion of musical styles. A fixture in the Greek community, the band takes a step back from performing to begin recording.

Then have the last dance with ambitious young ballroom dancers as they go head to head at the Bay Area's first Ballroom Blitz Junior Dance Sport Championship.

[Original air date: Sun, Jun 20, 2004]

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Visit the recording studio of George Mylordos, one of the world's most accomplished bouzouki players, and his band Kymata.

Matt Alber

Dance on the edge of stardom with Matt Alber, who is making the leap from Chanticleer to become a country western singer.

Ballroom Blitz Junior Dance Sport Championship

Meet ambitious young ballroom dancers as they go head to head at the Bay Area's first Ballroom Blitz Junior Dance Sport Championship.

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Major funding for Spark is provided by by Diane B. Wilsey. Additional funding is provided by the George Frederick Jewett Foundation, Helen Sarah Steyer, and Gretchen Kimball.

Spark is a production of KQED.

Spark airs on KQED 9 on Tuesdays at 7:30pm. Repeat broadcasts can be seen throughout the week on KQED.

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