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About Spark

Produced by KQED Public Television, Spark is about Bay Area artists and arts organizations -- it is a weekly television show, an educational outreach program and a Web site. More than a showcase for art objects and the artists who make them, Spark takes the audience inside the creative process to witness the challenges, opportunities and rewards of making art.

Spark TV

Spark airs on Tuesdays at 7:30pm on KQED TV. Repeat broadcasts can be seen throughout the week. The series profiles Bay Area artists and performers and is narrated by Victoria Mauleon. Additional narration is done by Charles Shaw Robinson, Pamela Z, David Dower and Keith Knight. Many of the segments are produced by well-known, local independent producers. The Spark crew began shooting in HD in 2007.

Spark Education

SparkEd is the education and outreach program of Spark, offering media resources, educational materials and professional development training, including comprehensive Educator Guides and arts education tools to help K-12 and post-secondary educators use Spark in the classroom. SparkEd professional development provides presentations, hands-on workshops, training institutes and continuing education courses to help educators extend and deepen their capacity to teach in and through the arts.

Spark Web

This 2003 EMMY award-winning Web site takes visitors even deeper into the arts community by supplementing the television series, supporting the educational outreach program and providing unique content. The site provides a digital library of hundreds of video and audio clips of Bay Area artists, one of the largest collections of its kind available online.

More About KQED

KQED operates KQED Public Television 9, the nation's most-watched public television station; Digital Television 9, Northern California's first public television digital signal; KQED Public Radio 88.5 FM, the most-listened-to public radio station in the nation;, which harnesses the power of the Internet to bring KQED to communities across the Web; and KQED Education Network, which brings the impact of KQED to thousands of teachers, students, parents and media professionals through workshops, seminars and resources.


  • Northern California Regional EMMY Award, Historic/Cultural - Program Feature/Segment, San Francisco Opera - The Bonesetter's Daughter, 2008

  • Northern California Regional EMMY Award, Arts/Entertainment - Feature/Segment - Feature Segment, Henry Wessel, The Physical Presence of Light, 2007

  • Northern California Regional EMMY Award, Historical/Cultural - Program Feature/Segment, Shuji Ikeda, Ceramics, 2007

  • Northern California Regional EMMY Award, Historical/Cultural - Feature/Segment, Binh Danh: New Memories of an Old War, 2006

  • SF Weekly's Best of San Francisco © 2006: Best Art TV Show

  • The 9th Annual Webby Awards, Webby Worthy

  • Northern California Regional EMMY Award, Entertainment Program, Spark episode "Fusion," 2004

  • Superfest International Disability Film Festival, Merit Award, 2005 for Spark's story on Youth Speaks

  • Bay Area Celebrates National Dance Week, Contribution To The Field, 2003-2004

  • Business Arts Council, New and Emerging Cultural Organization, 2003

  • Northern California Regional EMMY Award, Interactivity, Spark Web Site, 2003

  • SF Weekly's Best of San Francisco © 2003, Best Reason Not to Kill Your TV


Major funding for Spark is provided by by Diane B. Wilsey. Additional funding is provided by the George Frederick Jewett Foundation, Helen Sarah Steyer, and Gretchen Kimball.

Spark is a production of KQED.

Spark airs on KQED 9 on Tuesdays at 7:30pm. Repeat broadcasts can be seen throughout the week on KQED.

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Aimee Ts'ao
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Danaa Zellers

Spark Education and Outreach

Education Project Supervisor
Kristin Farr

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June Mesina Ouellette
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Lori Halloran
Online Editor
Peter Borg
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