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The Poetry of Angel Island

Listen to and read the poetry of the Angel Island detainees.

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• BBC News Have Your Say Special: Migrant World

About Angel Island Immigration Station

From 1910 to 1940, tens of thousands of immigrants entered the West Coast of the United States through the Angel Island Immigration Station. Located in San Francisco's North Bay, not far from Alcatraz Island, the buildings were nearly forgotten and their history almost lost, until one day in 1970, when Alexander Weiss, a California State Park Ranger, re-discovered the treasure they held. His chance discovery began the long journey to save the immigration station, and ultimately, to save the stories hidden within it, and to help us remember its sad, but important role in American history.

Pacific Link: The KQED Asian Education Initiative

Pacific Link, the KQED Asian Education Initiative, is a project of KQED Education Network (EdNet) designed to help educators and community audiences teach and learn about Asia and Asian America. Pacific Link works with schools and partnering organizations to bring relevant, focused content into the classroom, with an emphasis on accessible media and website resources.

KQED EdNet, in partnership with the Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation and the National Asian American Telecommunications Association, has produced an educational video short about the San Francisco Angel Island Immigration Station, with accompanying lesson plans and web-based content resources. These resources will assist teachers in understanding the issues of immigration and citizenship in a global context of migration history, identity politics, and globalization.

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