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Jacques' Techniques

Learning basic culinary techniques is fundamental for professional cooks and essential for home cooks who strive to better their cooking skills.

In these slideshows, Jacques Pépin demonstrates the basics that are at the heart of all cuisine. Learn how to chop an onion, prep an artichoke, cut up a duck, and more, all with the precision and efficiency of a professional chef.

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Jacques' Techniques Slideshows
Shucking a Clam
slideshowShucking a Clam
Chopping an Onion
slideshowChopping an Onion
Preparing a Turkey
slideshowPreparing a Turkey
Cutting Up a Duck
slideshowCutting Up a Duck
Decorating a Mousse
slideshowDecorating a Mousse
Kneading Dough
slideshowKneading Dough
Preparing an Artichoke Bottom
slideshowPreparing an Artichoke
Making a Coral Tree
slideshowMaking a Coral "Tree"
Making Pâte Brisée
slideshowMaking Pâte Brisée
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