The Mission

Historical Timeline

4000 - 5000 yrs ago Ohlone ancestors migrate across Bering Strait.

1510 Magellan crosses Pacific Ocean.

1521 Cortes conquers Mexico and names it "New Spain"

1769 San Francisco Bay named by Europeans for the first time.

1776 Presidio of San Francisco founded. Mission Dolores founded.

1795 Ohlone resisters rebel against Mission.

1821 Mexico declares independence from Spain.

1824 The Mexican Colonization Act gives land to the Californios.

1834 Mexican government ends church ownership of Mission.

1848 Mexico loses war with United States.

1848 Gold discovered at American River, California.

1851 Plank road built from San Francisco to the Mission.

1901 Major strike stengthens unions in San Francisco.

1906 Earthquake starts fire, destroying much of San Francisco.

1915 First transcontinental talk by phone.

1918 Great flu epidemic.

1934 General strike ties up San Francisco.

1939 World's Fair opens in San Francisco.

1953 U.S. Committee on Un-American Activities opens hearings.

1964 Band of Sioux Indians claims Alcatraz Island.

1969 Seven young Mission men accused of murdering an Irish policeman.

1988 Cesar Chavez leads march for farm migrant workers in San Francisco.

1989 Earthquake strikes Bay Area.

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Video Log

0-5 minutes Ohlone overtaken by Spanish missionaries

10 minutes Californio takeover

13 minutes California Gold Rush

21 minutes Earthquake & fire of 1906

26 minutes Labor struggles of the early 1900's

33 minutes World War II and the birth of the barrio.

38 minutes Urban redevelopment and the emergence of radicalism.

44 minutes Barrio threatened by '70's and '80's gentrification.

47 minutes Mission a diversity of cultures and classes.

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