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A Letter from Host, Belva Davis

Dear friends,

For almost two decades, KQED has given me the opportunity to host one of the best current affairs programs on the air, This Week in Northern California. I am writing to inform you I will be retiring from my position following the November elections this year.

I have enjoyed a unique and long career in the Bay Area, both here at KQED and at other stations, and have been witness to some of the most important and explosive stories of the last half century which I have shared with you. This career was, by no means, a given growing up in the crowded projects of Oakland. Through will and determination, what seemed impossible turned into reality as I became the first black woman television news reporter in the West. I hope my accomplishment will inspire future generations and make their paths a little easier.

It was my interest in politics and fairness that fueled my career in broadcast journalism more than four decades ago. The need that the two remain intertwined is as important today as it was when I started. So it is with a great deal of pleasure that I tell you that I will be devoting as much time as possible to the elections of 2012. I was in New Hampshire for the first primary of this election cycle and I'm committed to bringing you stories and exploring issues relevant to our communities and our country through November.

I'm thankful for the support and loyalty thousands of you have shown to our approach of bringing you the news, reported by some of the most talented journalists in our region. I'm also grateful to the entire KQED crew, who has kept this program as vital as it was when it first went on the air. I know that in their good hands, the program will thrive long after my departure.

November is quite a few months away, so if you are interested in this venture, please continue your support of KQED and we will make this a stellar election season and a great way to wind down a fantastic career.

Thank you,
Belva Davis

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