Upcoming Broadcasts:

Blue River (#2927) Duration: 27:10 STEREO TVG

Armed with just a plain black canvas, Bob Ross shows us how to create crimson-y magic in today's riverside landscape.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Majestic Pine (#2928) Duration: 28:08 STEREO TVG

Bob Ross paints a golden field of sparse pines and other greenery inside the unique shape with curved, cut-in corners.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Winter Mountain (#2929) Duration: 28:01 STEREO TVG

In this painting, Bob Ross' icy blue mountains capture the mood of a cold winter's day.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Mountain at Sunset (#2930) Duration: 27:58 STEREO TVG

Bob Ross demonstrates his unique painting method and shows how to create a beautiful brown mountain scene.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Mountain Challenge (#2931) Duration: 27:07 STEREO TVG

Bob Ross completes an entire mountain scene using just his specially shaped painting knife; don't miss this!

Upcoming Broadcasts:

High Chanteau (#2932) Duration: 26:48 STEREO TVG

Bob Ross and his fantastic brushes take us to a uniquely-shaped mountain side chalet today.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Misty Forest Oval (#2933) Duration: 27:47 STEREO TVG

Bob Ross uses delicate Lavender and Green shades to paint this glimpse at a forest through an oval window.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Country Cabin (#2934) Duration: 27:59 STEREO TVG

Today Bob Ross takes us to a small cabin nestled deep in the snowy forest. A chilling yet lovely landscape scene!

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Emerald Waters (#2935) Duration: 27:44 STEREO TVG

Bob Ross uses beautiful shades of Green that burst from the canvas in this exciting display of nature's wonder.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Roadside Barn (#2936) Duration: 27:41 STEREO TVG

A barn alongside a well-traveled road and beautiful greenery is Bob Ross' "dream on canvas" for today.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Quiet Inlet (#2937) Duration: 27:37 STEREO TVG

An inlet is the perfect place to escape with your thoughts and enjoy the day. Join Bob Ross as he takes you there!

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Winter Oval (#2938) Duration: 27:46 STEREO TVG

A beautiful snowy cabin scene painted inside an oval; this pleasing Bob Ross "trademark" is enjoyed by all.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Mountain by the Sea (#2939) Duration: 27:50 STEREO TVG

Bob Ross quickly paints a most challenging masterpiece of majestic mountains reigning over a colorful seascape.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Mountain Stream (#2940) Duration: 1:29:19 STEREO TVG

With just a few tools, Bob Ross paints a mountain stream running through gently sloping ground that looks soft as velvet.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Warm Winter Day (#2941) Duration: 28:10 STEREO TVG

A field of cold snow and a little cabin yield to a bright orange sun; Bob Ross creates harmony in this cool but cozy painting.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Mountain River (#2942) Duration: 1:29:56 STEREO TVG

Far-away mountains appear to float in the clouds as Bob Ross paints a gently flowing river in the foreground.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Purple Splendor (#2943) Duration: 27:44 STEREO TVG

Join Bob Ross as he creates a lovely winter scene in rich purples and soft lavenders. A really elegant landscape painting.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Arctic Beauty (#2944) Duration: 1:29:20 STEREO TVG

Experience a lovely waterfall by moonlight -- a spectacular painting completed on a black canvas by artist Bob Ross.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

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    TV Technical Issues
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