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Orangutans' Shrinking Ecosystem (#652) Duration: 26:00 STEREO TVG

USA: Social Entrepreneur - Equal Opportunity for All - From an early age it bothered Richard Barth that in the US children from low-income families had little chance of getting a good education - much less a college degree. Nine years ago he became CEO of the KIPP Foundation, which runs charter schools for underprivileged young people. There are now more than 160 KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) schools attended by close to 60 thousand students. Mexico: A Life without Violence - After it was revealed that 43 students kidnapped in September had likely been murdered, tens of thousands of Mexicans took to the streets in protest. The police and members of drug cartels have been implicated in the killings. Violence and corruption are rampant in Mexico. Both politicians and the police are frequently involved in the dealings of the Narcos, Mexico's powerful drug cartels. We discuss the current situation with human rights activist Alejandra Ancheita. Murders, rape and police brutality -- in many places in Mexico such crimes are part of everyday life. Through her organization ProDESC, lawyer Alejandra Ancheita represents and advises people whose rights have been contravened. India: Police Brutality - Attacks by Maoists and left-wing radicals are common in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh. Police are under pressure to apprehend the perpetrators, and officers who make many arrests are often promoted. Sometimes they beat confessions out of suspects. That means people confess to crimes they never committed or implicate others. Many don't even consider such police brutality to be a crime. Most victims sign whatever papers are put in front of them. Videos of such torture scenes are posted on the Internet, though it's hard to verify who shot the footage. School teacher Soni Sori refused to implicate others, so the police pinned seven crimes on her. Now a political leader, she's been acquitted six times and plans to keep fighting back. Indonesia: Help for Orangutans - Global Ideas - Bukit Tigapuluh, one of the last tropical lowland forests in Sumatra, is a refuge for many endangered species. These include the Sumatran orangutan, tiger, elephant, rhinoceros and the Asian tapir. But now the forest itself is in danger. The pulp and paper and palm oil industries have devastated large swathes of it. The ecosystem is shrinking by the day -- along with the habitat of the animals that live here. Within the last 20 years, the orangutan population alone has halved -- and currently stands at around six thousand animals. To keep the species from dying out, the Frankfurt Zoological Society's Orangutan Project is trying to secure their habitat and reintroduce rescued animals into the wild.

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