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Holiday Gifts and Decor (#1310) Duration: 28:00 STEREO TVG

Holidays are a magical time of the year and also the perfect time to showcase some of your quilting accomplishments. Candy Glendening has the first project, jolly holiday stockings to hang on the mantel. Next, Diane Rusin Doran shares a colorful mini stocking big enough to hold a treat and use as a decoration on a gift or as an ornament. Pokey closes the show with easy fabric wine coasters for a little holiday cheer.

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Art Quilt Explorations (#1311) Duration: 28:00 STEREO TVG

Explore the variations in art quilt techniques-key to developing your quilt style. Susan Brubaker Knapp starts with the sketchbook challenge. Learn to transfer drawn designs to fabric and then free motion quilt. Next is Michelle May and a combination of hand stitch wool applique, and patchwork to make a folk art quilt. Last, Cheryl Sleboda demonstrates dyeing vintage textiles with paint.

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Quilting Trends Today (#1312) Duration: 28:00 STEREO TVG

Quilting Arts TV show introduces you to what is happening in the world for quilting right in your own home. We visit shows all over the country looking at styles and exhibits, and research print and online media to find key trends. One of the trends we're seeing is functional bowls and table runners made from scraps and clothes line. Our first guest Catherine Redford demonstrates this trend. Then, Carolyn Friedlander shares her color expertise. She explores ways to create your own color story using gradation, backgrounds, and various color ways. Vivika DeNegre is last with felt bunting-felting is a trend that is taking the quilt market by storm.

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Quilting Medley (#1313) Duration: 28:00 STEREO TVG

Today's show is a mix of quilt techniques and approaches. Landscape quilting is our first topic with Carolyn Friedlander; she demonstrates how to use a quilting strategy to bring a project to life. Then it's Luana Rubin and quilting for charity- all sorts of ideas for utilizing your quilting for charity. Cheryl Sleboda is last with a technique for working with thermo chromatic paint. Transform your next project with heat reactive paint for a big reaction!

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Find Your Inner Artist (#1401) Duration: 28:00 STEREO TVG

Searching for ways to harness your creativity? Susan Brubaker Knapp talks about using photography to jumpstart your creative process. Vivika DeNegre shares some creative entries in Quilting Arts' "How Does Your Garden Grow" Challenge. And "creativity enabler" Carrie Bloomston shows ways to use an idea or prompt, such as a saying, to get started on a project.

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Groovy Gifts (#1402) Duration: 28:00 STEREO TVG

Looking for a great handmade gift? Sarah Ann Smith's Inside-Out Bag features an easy zipper and machine applique technique. Lyric Montgomery Kinard's Sketchpad Slipcover makes a thoughtful gift. Susan Brubaker Knapp shows how to make a simple cuff that can be hand or machine embellished to suit the personality of its recipient.

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Ribbon and Floss (#1403) Duration: 28:00 STEREO TVG

Have you noticed the beautiful designer ribbons available these days? Jane Sassaman demonstrates how to make lovely ribbon rosettes to wear as a pin, or use as an embellishment. Susan Brubaker Knapp's technique of using simple embroidery and then free-motion machine work brings out the personality of special fabrics. Carrie Bloomston's pillows feature inspirational words and motifs make with silk sari ribbon.

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Inspired By Nature (#1404) Duration: 28:00 STEREO TVG

There are so many plants and animals giving us patterns, colors and simply inspiring us to create. Fiber artist Sue Reno talks about finding creative inspiration in her environment; her work features native plants, as well as images of animal skeletons. Close inspection of nature is also evident in the work of Jane Sassaman's quilts. She shows how to abstract plant images and use them in your quilts.

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