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Find Your Inner Artist (#1401) Duration: 28:00 STEREO TVG

Searching for ways to harness your creativity? Susan Brubaker Knapp talks about using photography to jumpstart your creative process. Vivika DeNegre shares some creative entries in Quilting Arts' "How Does Your Garden Grow" Challenge. And "creativity enabler" Carrie Bloomston shows ways to use an idea or prompt, such as a saying, to get started on a project.

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  • KQED Life: Mon, Oct 31, 2016 -- 2:30pm Remind me

Groovy Gifts (#1402) Duration: 28:00 STEREO TVG

Looking for a great handmade gift? Sarah Ann Smith's Inside-Out Bag features an easy zipper and machine applique technique. Lyric Montgomery Kinard's Sketchpad Slipcover makes a thoughtful gift. Susan Brubaker Knapp shows how to make a simple cuff that can be hand or machine embellished to suit the personality of its recipient.

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  • KQED Life: Mon, Nov 7, 2016 -- 2:30pm Remind me

Ribbon and Floss (#1403) Duration: 28:00 STEREO TVG

Have you noticed the beautiful designer ribbons available these days? Jane Sassaman demonstrates how to make lovely ribbon rosettes to wear as a pin, or use as an embellishment. Susan Brubaker Knapp's technique of using simple embroidery and then free-motion machine work brings out the personality of special fabrics. Carrie Bloomston's pillows feature inspirational words and motifs make with silk sari ribbon.

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  • KQED Life: Mon, Nov 14, 2016 -- 2:30pm Remind me

Inspired By Nature (#1404) Duration: 28:00 STEREO TVG

There are so many plants and animals giving us patterns, colors and simply inspiring us to create. Fiber artist Sue Reno talks about finding creative inspiration in her environment; her work features native plants, as well as images of animal skeletons. Close inspection of nature is also evident in the work of Jane Sassaman's quilts. She shows how to abstract plant images and use them in your quilts.

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  • KQED Life: Mon, Nov 21, 2016 -- 2:30pm Remind me

Focus On Feet (#1405) Duration: 28:00 STEREO TVG

Sewing machine feet can make all the difference when you quilt. Catherine Redford uses a walking foot to quilt a beautiful contemporary table runner and placemats. Sarah Ann Smith explains how to get started with free-motion quilting, and explains all the basics, including feet.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Mon, Nov 28, 2016 -- 2:30pm Remind me
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TV Technical Issues

    TV Technical Issues
    • early Thurs 9/29 1am-6am: planned KQET/DT25 outage

      (DT25-1 through DT25-3) Late Wed/early Thurs 9/29 1am, the KQET DT25 transmitter will be turned off for maintenance and electrical upgrades. The plan is that the signal should be restored at approximately 6am. Most Over the Air TVs will automatically restore the signal once the transmitter is turned back on. However, a few viewers may […]

    • early Mon 9/26: planned KQEH/DT54 Over the Air outage

      UPDATE: This morning’s maintenance took place at 8:36am, with the signal restored at 8:45am. (DT54-1 through DT54-5) At some point early Monday morning Sept 26th (before 9am), the KQEH transmitter will be turned off for about 10 minutes for maintenance. Because of the short duration, most TVs will automatically restore the signal once the transmitter […]

    • early Tues 9/13: KQEH DT54 (KQED Plus) planned overnight outage

      UPDATE: power was restored at 6:45am Tuesday. Most TVs will restore the channels automatically, but a few viewers may need to do a rescan. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – (DT54-1 through 54-5) late Monday/early Tuesday 9/13 The DT54 Over the Air signal will be […]

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