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Compo's Suit (#105) Duration: 29:13

Nora is panic-stricken when Compo cleans his house rather than go to the library with Clegg and Blamire. The next day, he buys a suit, and Clegg and Blamire discover Compo is advertising for a housekeeper. The trio meets Compo's new housekeeper at the bus stop and Compo treats her to a meal at Sid's Cafe. She soon realises Compo has nothing to offer her and leaves.

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  • KQED Plus: Wed, Aug 20, 2014 -- 10:00pm
  • KQED Plus: Thu, Aug 21, 2014 -- 4:00am

The 30's Car (#106) Duration: 27:49

Clegg buys a car from a man named Walter who attempted to teach a dog how to ride a bicycle. The test drive is unsuccessful when the brakes fail and Walter collides with a tractor. Clegg tries buying a car from a reputable dealer but is equally unsuccessful this time when they collide with the tractor all over again.

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The Art of Photography (#107) Duration: 27:48

Blamire decides to take up photography. He and Compo go to Clegg's house and discover Clegg sorting out his camping equipment. Blamire takes pictures of the others and Clegg suggests they camp out and photograph the sunrise. While camping, a thunderstorm comes in and the trio are forced to sleep in a barn, where they oversleep and miss the sunrise.

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Forked Lightning (#201) Duration: 29:30

After Clegg has several extremely embarrassing accidents on his bicycle, he decides to have it repaired. After Sid attempts to fix it and fails, Clegg decides to take it to the shop in Huddersfield where he bought it 30 years ago. Not allowed to take it on the bus, the trio get a lift in a horse-box, only to discover the shop has been closed for several years. Sid tries to fix the bicycle again and, believing he has succeeded, he rides it around outside the cafe and crashes, sending the front wheel rolling down a hill.

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Who's That Dancing with Nora Batty Then? (#202) Duration: 29:24

Compo's neighbour, Gloria, is emigrating to Australia, so he decides to throw her a farewell party at Sid's Cafe. After borrowing a piano, Compo gets stuck up a tree while trying to transport the piano to the cafe. At the party, Compo gets a dance from Nora Batty, which ends after he steps on her foot.

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TV Technical Issues

    TV Technical Issues
    • KQET Off Air Sun 8/03 morning

      (DT25.1, 25.2, 25.3) KQET DT25 was off the air for a portion of Sunday morning, due to the transmitter taking a power hit. The signal has been restored. Most receivers should have re-acquired our signal once it returned, but a few Over the Air viewers may need to do a rescan in order to restore […]

    • KQED DT9s Over the Air: beginning Wed 7/09

      (DT9.1, 9.2, 9.3) The PSIP Info part of our Over the Air (OTA) signal for KQED DT9.1, 9.2, 9.3 dropped out of our overall signal early Wednesday 7/09. Once PSIP was restored most OTA receivers moved our signal back to the correct channel locations. However, for some viewers, it appears as if they have lost […]

    • KQED FM 88.1 translator off air Tues 6/03

      The Martinez translator for KQED-FM will be off the air all day Tuesday June 3rd. We are rebuilding the 25 year old site with all new antennas and cabling. This should only affect people listening on 88.1MHz in the Martinez/Benicia area.

To view previous issues and how they were resolved, go to our TV Technical Issues page.

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