Upcoming Broadcasts:

Louis Dibiccari (#1425H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Rising star chef Jason Bond of Bondir and Bondir Concord joins Ming as they cook with mackerel. Jason is making grilled mackerel with charred eggplant puree and eggplant pickle, while Ming makes tea-smoked mackerel with Hunan eggplant.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Mon, Jul 24, 2017 -- 3:00pm

Matt Louis (#1426H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Ming is joined by Portsmouth, N.H., chef Matt Louis from the restaurant Moxy, known for its Spanish-style tapas using seasonal New England ingredients and his newly opened Franklin Oyster House. Today, Matt cooks up goat meatballs with garlic mustard pesto, local farm feta and sunchoke chips, while Meg whips up surf-n-turf meatballs with his favorite Blue Dragon vinegar fries.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Tue, Jul 25, 2017 -- 3:00pm

The Ultimate Comfort Food: The Egg (#1201H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Today we make filling, flavorful meals from one of the most basic ingredients: the egg! Ming shows you how to make a Wok Stirred Shiitake Omelette that will satisfy the whole family, and then cooking legend, Jacques Pepin, steps into the kitchen for a drink and some home cooking. He'll share two of his mother's recipes, Eggs Jeanette and Maman's Cheese Souffle, and show you how to master the egg.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Wed, Jul 26, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Better Built Blt's (#1202H) Duration: 26:00 STEREO TVG

We cook with a sure fire hit: bacon! You can never have enough bacon and it goes with everything. Ming whips himself up a quick snack from his childhood, a bacon and peanut butter sandwich, before making a decadent Panko-crusted Eggplant BLT with Homemade Potato Chips. Guest chef Duckie Estes joins him in the kitchen to show off her homemade bacon - that's right, homemade bacon! - which she uses in her version of the BLT classic, Fried Green Tomato BLT with Tabasco Aioli. It's like a BLT with an upgrade.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Thu, Jul 27, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Leftovers Ignite and Take Flight (#1203H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Leftovers sometimes get a bad rap but on this episode of Simply Ming we turn those odds and ends into multi-layered, savory meals. Ming makes a childhood favorite, a Crispy Noddle Cake with Ham and Brisket, a fun way to clear out your fridge that the kids will love. Celebrated chef Marcus Samuelsson then traces back his Swedish roots to make a similar dish, Pytt I Panna, a family favorite that defines home cooking at its best.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Fri, Jul 28, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Andrew Taylor and Mike Wiley (#1417H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

New York City and Boston restaurant alum chef Robert Sisca joins Ming from Rhode Island. Robert is the Executive Chef at the Providence G, a new and very cool venue in downtown Providence with three restaurants. Today they are cooking with halibut. Robert is making a bread crusted halibut with broccoli rabe and chorizo emulsion, then Ming is up for a halibut fish stew with roasted garlic aioli and grilled bread.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED 9: Sun, Jul 30, 2017 -- 11:00am Remind me

Pizza for Dinner & Dessert (#1204H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Pizza is the ultimate comfort food. It is totally customizable and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert! You don't need a brick oven for it either. Ming puts his own spin on an old favorite from Pepe's Pizza, Spicy Clam Pizza. Pizza master, Elizabeth Falkner, then recreates her award-winning Finocchio Flower Power Pizza, and brings something sweet to the table with a hazelnut Gianguja Dessert Pizza. You'll be eager to make your own specialty pizza at home!

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Mon, Jul 31, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Blue Plate Special (#1205H) Duration: 26:00 STEREO TVG

Ming utilizes an often forgotten comfort food ingredient: ground beef. The versatile meat is used in a number of comfort food dishes including Ming's Shitake Salisbury Steak with Pan Gravy and comedian Lenny Clarke's Mom's Meatloaf. Ming and Lenny show you how to add immense flavor to this workable protein to create cheap, easy and delicious crowd pleasers. Ming pairs the dishes with his smashed potatoes and simple steamed broccoli.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Tue, Aug 1, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Hungary and Seoul Satisfying: Stuffed Cabbage (#1206H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Cabbage, like chicken or pasta, is a predominant comfort food in a variety of cultures around the world. Often stuffed and baked, it holds a plethora of flavor. Ming and Kristen Kish recreate cabbage dishes from their childhood. Ming makes Korean Steamed Lion's Head and Kish brings her grandmother's kitchen to Ming's with her Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage. Your kitchen will smell like cabbage all day, which is a good thing.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Wed, Aug 2, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Fresh Shucked Summer Sweetness (#1207H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

There's just something about scallops. The delicate, buttery shellfish can seem intimidating but today, Ming shows you how to whip up delish Scallop and Sweet Potato Raviolis with Brown Butter Corn. Chef Michael Mina will then show you another way to make beautiful scallops, Pan Seared Scallops with Jalapeno Creamed Corn. The Ming Tsai/Michael Mina duo will show you that not only are scallops simple, but they pair perfectly with summer corn.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Thu, Aug 3, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

A Chicken In Every Pot (#1208H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

We explore a comfort food staple that can be found in every kitchen: chicken. Ming recreates a mouth-watering dish from his childhood, that his grandfather first made, Red Roast Whole Chicken with Vegetables and Basmati Rice. Then chef Tory McPhail joins us in the kitchen and adds some Southern flair to make his chicken classic, Chicken and Mushroom gumbo. The best part about these dishes? They're also one-pot meals! Easy and delicious!

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Fri, Aug 4, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Not Andy Warhol's Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese (#1209H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

On a cold day, is there anything better than grilled cheese with tomato soup? Cheese singles and canned tomato soup have held places on families' shelves for decades, but on this episode, the old classic gets a modern, gourmet twist. Ming makes a smooth, fresh Indonesian Tomato Soup to pair with Cortney Burns' Farmer's Cheese on Grilled Bread. Instead of using sliced cheese, Cortney will show you how to make your own farmer's cheese at home! This may become your new favorite comfort food.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Mon, Aug 7, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Shrimp & Garlic: Compass-Wide Comfort Combo (#1210H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

We explore a comfort food from the sea: shrimp. Shrimp absorbs flavors beautifully and there are many flavors that compliment it but garlic is one of the best. Ming prepares Sauteed Shrimp with Garlic Black Pepper Sauce over rice. Chef and author Matt Goulding then adds some Spanish flair to the kitchen with his Gambas al Ajillo, his Spanish wife's favorite comfort food. Delicioso y perfeccion.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Tue, Aug 8, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Australian Beef with Mark Best (#1211H) Duration: 26:18 STEREO TVG

Good day mates! This episode goes on the road to Sydney, Australia where we explore the wonderful flavors of Australia's spectacular Wagyu beef. One of Australia's best chefs, Chef Mark Best, joins Ming and cooks up a Seared Wagyu with Beetroot and Radicchio Kimchee. Ming then creates a magnificent Wagyu Tataki with Thai Basil Chile Pesto and Rice Noodle Stir-Fry. Australian beef, where else but in Australia - on this special episode.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Wed, Aug 9, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Kangaroo Island with Kate Sumner and Craig Wickem (#1212H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

This special edition takes viewers out into the bush for a firsthand look at wildlife in Australia - kangaroos, koalas, and wallabies. They are everywhere as we explore Kangaroo Island in South Australia where we cook with chef Kate Sumner and our adventure guide Craig Wickham. Our ingredients are only found here - Australian marron, which is a kind of crawfish, and King George Whiting, an amazing white fish - all on the barbie!

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Thu, Aug 10, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Wood-Fired Cooking with Robert Marchetti (#1213H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Wood-fired cooking is the theme to this special episode as we travel on the road in Sydney, Australia. Joining Ming is Australian uber-chef Robert Marchetti. Robert fires up the grill and prepares some tuna belly to create a Seared Tuna Nicoise with Poached Duck Egg and Herbed Butter Sauce, while Ming cooks up a spectacular Grilled Quail with Garlic-Parsley Butter and Ginger-Vegetable Rice Pilaf.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Fri, Aug 11, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Australian Lamb with Tim Bourke (#1214H) Duration: 26:30 STEREO TVG

Who out there hasn't heard of Australian lamb? This episode brings us to Kangaroo Island in South Australia where we cook with world-famous Australian lamb alongside some of the most beautiful views in the world. Ming makes Orange-Ginger Lamb Shanks with Garlic Barley "Risotto" and his chef colleague Tim Bourke cooks up Lamb Belly with Wild Garlic Puree, Olives and Wild Greens.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Mon, Aug 14, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Oysters Three Ways with Darren Robertson (#1215H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

You can't visit Australia without tasting some oysters! We are on the road heading out to Bondi Beach to cook oysters 3 ways with Australian chef and surfer dude Darren Robertson. Darren and Ming forage along the beach and collect everything from seaweed to sea grass. Then it's back to cook in the kitchen - what's not to love about oysters for everyone!

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Tue, Aug 15, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Gourmet Markets with Dominique Rizzo (#1216H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

We are on the road in Sydney. Today's theme is gourmet markets and Ming shops in some of the best of them with Aussie super-chef Dominique Rizzo. Dominique creates some classic Italian flavors with a unique Australian spin and Ming cooks up a comfort dish of his own.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Wed, Aug 16, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Cooking in the Oval with Dennis Leslie (#1217H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

We are on the road in South Australia. Join host Ming Tsai has he travels to Adelaide, also known as Australian wine country. Ming joins fellow East-West chef Dennis Leslie at the Adelaide Oval, a magnificent landmark stadium. We also visit wineries and taste some of the best local food. The chefs showcase their shared cooking styles with Pork Adobo with Muntrie Jam and Quondong and Grilled Pepperberry Goat with Garlic-Black Pepper Sauce.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Thu, Aug 17, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Cooking Local with Lachlan Colwill (#1218H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Cooking local is the theme of this episode on the road in Australia. We visit Hentley Farms in Barossa where we connect with their executive chef Lachlan Colwill. Lachlan sources most of his ingredients from the farm's herb garden, chicken coup, hatchery and even the nearby creek. Lachlan cooks up Seared Blue Fin Tuna with Cured Egg Yolk, while Ming makes a Buttermilk Tempura "Surf & Turf".

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Fri, Aug 18, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Great Gratins (#1219H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Gratins are beautiful, rich dishes that are filled with warmth and comfort. It pairs wonderfully with a steak, which Ming shows with his Gratin Dauphinois with Grilled Flat Iron Steak; or as its own dish like Colin Cowie's Gratin of Linguine. Long time friends, Ming and Colin show you how to customize this classic dish to your liking, making it as healthy or homey as you like, but always melt in your mouth delicious.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Mon, Aug 21, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Chicken Soup - The World's Favorite Cure (#1220H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

We travel across country borders and through time to explore a universal comfort food staple: chicken soup. Every culture has its own version and Ming shares his from childhood, a Wonton Noodle Soup. Food and Wine Editor-in-Chief, Dana Cowin, joins us in the kitchen and shares her trials and tribulations - and a secret ingredient - for her own Udon Noodle Soup. A childhood favorite you no longer have to ask mom to make.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Tue, Aug 22, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Fruit Forward Desserts (#1221H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Nothing says comfort food like dessert! Ming reminisces about family ice cream runs growing up and teaches us how to make ice cream at home - without an ice cream maker! He makes Frozen Lemongrass Parfait with Pineapple Flambe and then, James Beard winner for Outstanding Chef, Nancy Silverton, makes a Blueberry Brown Butter Tart that will remind you of summer.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Wed, Aug 23, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Sunday in the Park with Ming and Skip (#1222H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

We prepare dishes for the ultimate summer pass time - cook outs! Cook outs are all about summer and family and signature dishes brought to the table, including some flavorful, chilled salads. Ming and Professor Henry Louis Gates talk ancestry while Ming breaks out a family recipe for Sesame Noodle Cucumber Salad that goes back to 2800 BC. Professor Gates then whips up Aunt Marguerite's Famous Potato Salad, a hearty classic.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Thu, Aug 24, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Dumplings - All The World Loves A Dumpling (#1223H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Ming serves something that brings families together, the dumpling. Between making the filling and shaping the pot stickers, there's something for everyone to do in the kitchen and it's a fun activity that can unite a household. Ming makes his Ginger Pork Dumplings with Dim Sum Dipper and Candice Kumai drops in to show off her Japanese and Polish roots with her own gyoza. She also makes a tasty and nutritious matcha tea smoothie, not to be missed.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Fri, Aug 25, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Let Them Eat Fish Cakes (#1224H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

If you grew up near a coast, you've longed for summer so you could enjoy a seaside favorite: fish cakes. Fish cakes are made with a variety of fish, sauces and ingredients. Today we learn two ways to make the summer classic. First Ming makes Salmon Cakes with Fennel Salad, using the freshest salmon, and then Mark Gaier and Clark Fraiser make Cod Cakes with Tartar Sauce.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Mon, Aug 28, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

All-In-One Satisfying Steak Dinners (#1225H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

Nothing is better than a one-pot chicken dish - except a one pan steak dinner. Luckily, you don't have to buy prime rib or fillet to enjoy mouthwatering, tender steak at home. Ming recreates his father's Mongolian Beef and shows you how to flash fry your meat to seal in flavor. Then, Boston's beloved Lydia Shire makes a Swiss Steak from chuck steak that will melt in your mouth. Lots of flavor, little clean-up.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Tue, Aug 29, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Spaghetti East Western (#1226H) Duration: 26:16 STEREO TVG

Ming and Evan Dulety share spaghetti recipes from their respective backgrounds, showcasing flavors of Asia and Southern Europe. Ming makes Asian spaghetti with flavors of pork, ginger, and garlic while Evan makes a classic Bolognese with a mix of protein, carrots, celery and tomato sauce. Both dishes remind us why we love pasta so much: it's easy, flexible and soaks in immense flavor.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Wed, Aug 30, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me

Carla Hall (#1301H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

This week, Top Chef All Star and host of The Chew, Carla Hall stops by Ming's loft kitchen. Carla goes back to her Tennessee roots with country greens, tangy chow-chow pickles, and hot water corn bread, while Ming pulls out the pressure cooker to whip up a hearty red roast pork. East meets South with these chefs' favorite dishes, this week on Simply Ming!

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Thu, Aug 31, 2017 -- 3:00pm Remind me
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