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Installing a Pre-hung Front Door/Using Big Containers for Screening and Shading (#1204H) Duration: 25:16 STEREO TVG

Tom visits Seattle, where he helps a homeowner install a new, pre-hung front door. Roger shows how to use big containers for screening and shading in a backyard. And the guys ask, "What is it?"

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  • KQED Life: Thu, Apr 17, 2014 -- 1:30pm
  • KQED Life: Sat, Apr 19, 2014 -- 10:00am email reminder
  • KQED Plus: Sat, May 3, 2014 -- 11:30am email reminder

Waffle Gardening In Santa Fe/Adding Mechanical Dampers to a Forced-Air Heating System (#1213H) Duration: 25:16 STEREO TVG

Roger visits Santa Fe to learn about "waffle gardening," a method of growing vegetables in an arid climate. Richard adds mechanical dampers to a forced-air heating system. Tom shows how to bisect angles. And the guys ask, "What is it?"

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Installing A Shade Sail Over A Deck In Santa Fe/Installing a Hybrid Water Heater to Save Energy (#1205H) Duration: 25:16 STEREO TVG

Kevin visits Santa Fe and explores the Santa Fe style of architecture. Then he installs a shade sail over a deck to cut down on sun exposure. Roger shows the proper way to use a wheelbarrow. And Richard installs a hybrid water heater that saves energy.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Making a Home Accessible/Modifying a Bathroom and Dangerous (#1224H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

In this special episode, the guys make several important improvements. Kevin helps make a home accessible for a homeowner in a wheelchair by modifying a bathroom and several different sets of stairs. Tom and Kevin rebuild a dangerous staircase for a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Replacing A Leaky Skylight/Repairing A Noisy Toilet (#1206H) Duration: 25:16 STEREO TVG

Tommy and Kevin replace a leaky skylight. Richard repairs a noisy toilet. And the guys ask, "What is it?"

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Repairing A Rotted Porch Post/Dealing with High Indoor Humidity (#1214H) Duration: 26:16 STEREO TVG

Tom repairs a rotted porch post. Richard visits New Orleans, Louisiana, to help a family deal with high indoor humidity. And the guys ask, "What is it?"

Upcoming Broadcasts:

All About Kitchen Renovations/Chef Michael Symon (#1226H) Duration: 26:46 STEREO TVG

All about kitchen renovations: Tom and Kevin help a homeowner install new cabinets; Richard shows many options for countertops; and Kevin visits the Cleveland home and restaurant kitchens of Chef Michael Symon for ideas and inspiration.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Planting A Maple Tree/Working On An Underground Bathroom (#1207H) Duration: 25:16 STEREO TVG

Roger and a homeowner plant a maple tree. Richard heads to Indianapolis to begin work on an underground master bathroom. And the guys ask, "What is it?"

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Quieting a Squealing Shower in New Hampshire/Installing a DIY-Friendly Security System and Video Camera (#1218H) Duration: 25:16 STEREO TVG

Richard helps a homeowner in New Hampshire quiet a squealing shower. Kevin installs a DIY-friendly security system and video camera. And the guys ask, "What Is It?"

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Fitting A Mattress Up A Narrow Staircase/Repairing a Light-Switch in Seattle (#1215H) Duration: 25:16 STEREO TVG

Tom helps a homeowner fit a box spring mattress up a narrow staircase. Kevin and an electrician repair a light switch in Seattle. Richard shows many options for filtering drinking water. And the guys ask, "What is it?"

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Replacing An Old Door/Hot Water Without Waiting (#1201H) Duration: 25:16 STEREO TVG

The 12th season of ATOH begins with Kevin teaching the guys how to use Twitter. Tom replaces an old, rusted bulkhead door. Richard discusses several ways to get hot water without waiting. And the guys ask, "What is it?"

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Preparing for Severe Weather (#1208H) Duration: 25:16 STEREO TVG

In this special episode, the guys help homeowners prepare for severe weather. Richard visits Oklahoma to install a safe room for tornado protection. Tom visits a lab to test different hurricane window protection. Kevin and electrician Scott Caron install a whole-house standby generator. And meteorologist Jim Cantore stops by to share his insights on how weather is changing and what homeowners can do to prepare.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Starting Plants from Seed/Building a Moveable Kitchen Island (#1219H) Duration: 25:16 STEREO TVG

Roger shows Kevin how to start plants from seed. Richard replaces an outdoor hose spigot with one that will never freeze. Tom builds a moveable kitchen island with Kevin. And the guys ask, "What is it?"

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Planting a Low-Cost Privacy Screen/Sealing Ductwork from the Inside (#1220H) Duration: 25:16 STEREO TVG

Roger helps a homeowner plant a low-cost, low-maintenance privacy screen. Tommy demonstrates many uses for a speed square. Richard uses new technology to seal ductwork from the inside. And the guys ask, "What is it?"

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Installing A Clawfoot Tub with Shower/Installing a Permanent Fire Escape Ladder in a Bedroom (#1216H) Duration: 25:16 STEREO TVG

Richard visits a historic home in Mobile, Alabama, and installs a clawfoot tub with shower. Tom installs a permanent fire escape ladder in a bedroom. Roger shows the best way to prune trees. And the guys ask, "What is it?"

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Building A Garden Bed In New Mexico/Repairing A Leaky Toliet (#1202H) Duration: 25:16 STEREO TVG

Roger builds a garden bed for chili pepper plants in New Mexico. Richard repairs a leaky toilet with a worn-out flange. And the guys ask, "What is it?"

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Demonstrating Uses for a Router/Replacing An Air Conditioning Unit (#1209H) Duration: 24:46 STEREO TVG

Tom demonstrates many uses for a router. Richard replaces an air conditioning unit that freezes when it runs. And the guys ask, "What is it?"

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Installing an Irrigation System in New Mexico/Installing a Heat-Pump Water Heater (#1210H) Duration: 24:46 STEREO TVG

Roger visits New Mexico to install an irrigation system designed to work in a desert climate. Richard installs a new style of heat-pump water heater. Tom shares a viewer tip about re-using an old garden hose reel. And the guys ask, "What is it?"

Upcoming Broadcasts:

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TV Technical Issues

    TV Technical Issues
    • KQED DT9 planned, very short outages, Tues 4/15 (& possibly Wed 4/16)

      (DT9.1, 9.2, 9.3) KQED DT9′s Over the Air (OTA) signal from Sutro Tower will experience a few extremely brief outages on Tuesday 4/15 between 10am and 5pm (and possibly on Wed 4/16 if the work cannot be completed in 1 day). Each outage should be measurable in seconds (not minutes). This work will not affect […]

    • KQET DT25 Planned Outage: early Tues 4/15 (btwn 5am-6am)

      (DT 25.1, 25.2, 25.3) At some point between 5am and 6am early Tuesday 4/15, KQET’s signal from the transmitter on Fremont Peak northeast of Monterey will shut down for a short period of time to allow AT&T to do work on our fiber interface. The outage should be relatively short, but its precise start time […]

    • Occasional sound issues, Comcast Cable, Black remote control

      Originally posted 6/19/2013: Some Comcast Basic Cable customers around the Bay Area have reported audio issues with KQED and KQED Plus, on channels 9 and 10. The problem is not related to KQED’s transmission but may be caused by the language setting on your Comcast remote control. If your Comcast remote control is black, please […]

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