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The original KQED Newsroom debuted in 1968 as the first nightly news series to air on public television and it marked the launch of a new television public affairs format where working journalists sat around a table talking about their beats and developing stories providing behind-the-scenes analysis and insights to the day's headlines.

Forty-five years later, KQED NEWSROOM is back with a new vision of a weekly news series that is fully integrated into the larger KQED News operation. On October 18, 2013 KQED NEWSROOM debuts as a multiplatform program that draws on the strengths of the entire KQED News service spanning online, television and radio with engaging roundtable discussions, in-depth reporting, analysis and interviews with newsmakers and Bay Area innovators.

The program is hosted by Thuy Vu, a three-time Emmy award-winning journalist, who has covered everything from the devastating legacy of Agent Orange sprayed during the Vietnam War to the impact of Burning Man on the Bay Area arts scene.

Senior correspondent Scott Shafer, who also hosts the KQED Radio program, The California Report, has been honored with numerous awards for his reporting on a wide range of topics, from military and veterans' issues to health care and the judiciary.

"KQED is transforming all of our services to meet the changing needs of the people of the Bay Area as they seek news and information on new digital media," President John Boland said. "The new name, KQED NEWSROOM, signals a change, but also reminds us that KQED has been innovating to better serve the public for nearly 60 years."

Central to the strategy for the new series, the editorial team is engaging with the Bay Area public in ongoing dialogues about issues often ignored by traditional news media. Vu, Shafer and reporters from KQED Public Radio have met with community leaders, newsmakers, local business owners and residents at Open Newsroom forums to discuss the challenges facing their communities.

"We are aspiring to be a program of record for Northern California," said Joanne Jennings, executive producer. "We want to be a place where newsmakers can come and speak beyond sound bites."

KQED NEWSROOM delivers online news and analysis throughout the week on and culminates in a Friday evening television broadcast of the week's stories. Watch Fridays at 8pm on KQED Public Television 9, listen on Sundays at 6pm on KQED Public Radio 88.5 FM and watch on demand on this site.

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