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Water Usage Cuts, A Brief History of the California Lawn, Looking Out for Water Waste, Tom Torlakson Interview

Water Usage Cuts
Next week, state mandates take effect requiring water districts to cut usage -- in some areas by as much as 36 percent. Scott Shafer talks with Paul Rogers, managing editor for KQED Science and environment writer for the San Jose Mercury News, about how these cuts might alter the state's landscape.

A Brief History of the California Lawn
How did a state with millions of acres of desert end up with so many lawns? The answer, in part, has to do with nostalgia. But as KQED's Rachel Berger finds out, many Californians are now looking for something new.

Looking Out for Water Waste
Maurice Wynn is a water waste inspector for the Santa Clara Valley Water District, but don't call him a water cop. UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism student Daniel Steiner rides along with Wynn as he responds to complaints about leaks, overwatering and broken sprinklers.

Tom Torlakson Interview
This year California schools could get more than $7 billion in additional funding. Scott Shafer talks to Tom Torlakson, state superintendent of public instruction, about how the money might be spent.


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