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2014 Year in Review, Congressman George Miller Interview


2014 Year in Review
Will 2014 be remembered as the year of the drought? Gov. Jerry Brown kicked off the year by declaring a drought emergency and ended the year with voter approval for a $7.5 billion* bond to shore up state waterworks. Education, high tech, politics, race relations and sports all had their highs and lows -- from the Giants' World Series win to protests decrying the shooting of unarmed black males by white police officers. The Bay Area also sparked national debates around issues such as taxing soda and upping the minimum wage. We reflect on the major stories that gripped our attention, as well as look forward to what may lie ahead in 2015.

• Carla Marinucci, San Francisco Chronicle
• Paul Rogers, San Jose Mercury News and KQED Science
• Michelle Quinn, San Jose Mercury News

Congressman George Miller Interview
On the eve of retiring after four decades of public service, East Bay congressman George Miller reflects on his career. A lifelong Bay Area resident, Miller was part of the so-called Watergate class of Congress members elected shortly after Nixon resigned in 1974. He's been known as a tireless advocate for education, labor, economic equality and the environment. Scott Shafer hears from Rep. Miller about what he's learned and his advice for the next generation of lawmakers.


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