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KQED Newsroom Special: Science at the Ballot Box

KQED Newsroom and QUEST examine the science behind some of the key issues in next month's election.

Hosted by KQED Newsroom's Thuy Vu

Three California Counties Vote on Fracking
In San Benito County, voters will decide whether to ban hydraulic fracturing - or fracking - in their county. Although the controversial oil and gas extraction technique is not currently in use there, grassroots activists say it would use water that farmers are counting on during the drought. Oil producers say the measure would have negative economic impacts. Santa Barbara and Mendocino counties will also vote on fracking in November.

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Proposition 1 - The Water Bond
As one of the worst droughts in California's history enters its third year, Gov. Jerry Brown and lawmakers are asking voters to approve a $7.5 billion bond measure, Proposition 1. If passed, the state could borrow funds to pay for new reservoirs, watershed protection, water recycling and other programs. Opponents have raised concerns over the impact of building new dams and question how the measure would provide drought relief.

• Ellen Hanak, Senior Fellow, Public Policy Institute of California

Lessons Learned from California Defeat of GMO Labeling
Two years ago a voter initiative that would have required foods containing genetically engineered ingredients to be labeled lost at the ballot box in California. Now, similar measures are on the ballot in Oregon and Colorado. Supporters say they're crafting their strategies around lessons learned in California.

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