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Gov. Brown Interview, Tijuana Tunnels, "Inside Out"

Gov. Jerry Brown on Criminal Justice Reform
Gov. Jerry Brown talks about criminal justice reform -- and where he stands on questions of crime and punishment. When he was governor some 40 years ago, Brown signed a tough-on-crime bill that he now calls "an abysmal failure." Today, he's pushing for ways to lower the state's prison population and keep prisoners locked up for less time. Scott Shafer sat down with the governor to talk about the ballot measure that he's backing and what's behind his change of heart.

Underground Existence in Tijuana
Hundreds of homeless migrants are living beneath the streets of Tijuana in miles of dark sewage tunnels. They hide from municipal police who seek to place them in drug rehabilitation centers, in jails or on buses out of town. KPBS reporter Jean Guerrero takes us into this troubling underworld on the California-Mexico border.

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"Inside Out" Director Pete Docter
Anger. Disgust. Joy. Fear. Sadness. We all know those feelings.
In Disney/Pixar's animated film "Inside Out," those emotions are portrayed as unique individuals living inside our heads. The film is up for two Academy Awards this year -- Best Animated Film and Best Original Screenplay. "Inside Out" director Pete Docter joins us in the studio to talk about what inspired the work.


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