Upcoming Broadcasts:

Energize! (#324) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Get your circulation going with a dynamic forward bend, upside down leg cycling, and Imaginary Chair. Then sink into deep relaxation with Yoga Nidra.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Mon, Nov 24, 2014 -- 6:00am

Get The Kinks Out (#325) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

The intense forms of Camel and Bridge get the kinks out of your shoulders and back while wonderfully stretching the front of your body. Stretch the groin in a Shoulderstand variation, and calm your nerves with Alternate Nostril Breathing.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

  • KQED Life: Tue, Nov 25, 2014 -- 6:00am

Soothing Twist (#326) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Give yourself a soothing back massage by moving your head and legs in opposite directions. The spinal twist is energizing, too

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Bye Bye Bulges (#401) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Slim down your waist and hips as you swivel from side to side. Then get your legs in tip-top shape with Warrior Stance.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Perfect Posture (#709) Duration: 27:55 STEREO TVG

Wai Lana shows you a series of poses to loosen the shoulders and open the chest, making good posture a breeze.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Yaga Glow (#402) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

The Rocking Plough gets your circulation moving, giving your skin a healthy glow. Other poses work the legs from feet to groin.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Stand Tall (#403) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Today's poses loosen your shoulders, chest, and upper back, making great posture a breeze. You'll also go on an abdominal strengthening bike ride--without a bike.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Chin Lock (#404) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Wai Lana shows you an ancient technique that releases anger and stress, leaving your mind clear and calm. Another key benefit: It regulates the thyroid, which is essential to overall health.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Lift and Tone (#405) Duration: 27:31 STEREO TVG

A full body lift tones your arms and buttocks while Kneeling Leg Lifts firm up both inner and outer thighs. And Single Leg Lifts stretch and tone the hamstrings.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Threaded Twist (#710) Duration: 27:55 STEREO TVG

Threading your arm through your leg gives you stability and leverage for a great spinal twist. Round out the session with an energizing breath, Headstand, and deep relaxation.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Yoga for Vitality (#406) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Increase your lung capacity as you open your chest and breathe deeply. The extra oxygen, plus a backbend and twist, will leave you brimming with vitality.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Back Relief (#407) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Join Wai Lana for three simple poses to release stiffness and tension in your back and shoulders. Then combine groin stretches with forward bends, twists, and leg lifts.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Shake A Leg (#408) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Upside down leg-shaking rejuvenates tired legs and takes the pressure off varicose veins.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Royal Flush (#409) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Flush your brain with fresh blood in Shoulderstand and Plough, the queen and prince of asanas. The increased circulation will leave you flush with energy.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Special: High Blood Pressure (#711) Duration: 27:55 STEREO TVG

Relaxing poses and gentle stretches are ideal for high blood pressure. Get a few cushions and join Wai Lana for restful asanas and a special breathing technique.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Breath Is The Key (#410) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Use the breath to cleanse your body and enhance your experience of the yoga poses. Then combine breathing with sound for a relaxing meditation.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Nerves Frayed (#411) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Smooth out rough edges with these backward-bending poses that tone your nerves and increase your sense of well-being.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Cradle Rock (#412) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Cradle your leg as you rock it back and forth to loosen your hips. Then try the Scoop, a fun and relaxing way to stretch the spine and hamstrings.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Sports Protection (#413) Duration: 27:49 STEREO TVG

Front thighs strong but tight from your favorite sport? Stretch them out with Intense Camel. Strengthen the oft-neglected back thighs with Tiger Pose to prevent common injuries.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Lengthen Your Legs (#712) Duration: 27:55 STEREO TVG

Tight legs are often the cause of back troubles. Keep both quads and hamstrings supple with an easy version of splits and a fun thigh stretch.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Terrific Triangle Twist (#414) Duration: 27:50 STEREO TVG

This pose packs a lot of punch: It strengthens the leg and hip muscles, relieves back pain, stretches the spine, opens the chest, and tones the abdominal organs.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Tummy Tighteners (#415) Duration: 27:49 STEREO TVG

Today's poses tighten your tummy and firm your thighs. Those abdominal contractions get your innards working too--and that means better health from the inside out!

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Stick 'em Up! (#416) Duration: 27:50 STEREO TVG

Get those arms up in today's poses to loosen tight shoulders. You'll even do Shoulderstand and Corpse with arms raised!

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Rise and Shine! (#417) Duration: 27:50 STEREO TVG

Stand and Salute the Sun for an energy boost, even if you got up hours ago. Other poses will firm your belly and stretch your legs.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Special: Chair Poses (#713) Duration: 27:55 STEREO TVG

Wai Lana shows you creative ways to use a chair in forward bends, backbends, and even inversions.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Agnisar Kriya (#418) Duration: 27:50 STEREO TVG

This powerful cleansing breath flushes the digestive tract. It removes gas and constipation, tones the liver and abdominal organs, and relieves stomach and intestinal problems. Give it a try!

Upcoming Broadcasts:

A Healthy Appetite (#301) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Forward and backward bending poses stimulate a sluggish digestive system to give you a balanced, healthy appetite. Constipation vanishes, too!

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Strong As A Tree, Lithe As A Snake (#302) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Tree Pose strengthens the legs and teaches balance and concentration; Cobra loosens the spine.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

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TV Technical Issues

    TV Technical Issues
    • Mon 11/03/14: Work on KQED Plus tower (DT54)

      Another station needs to do maintenance on its equipment on the tower on Monument Peak, requiring that we switch our DT54 Over the Air signal from the main antenna to the auxiliary when the work starts, then back to the main antenna at the conclusion. These switches should cause momentary outages only, and most receivers […]

    • Wed 10/15 morning: KQED Plus (KQEH) Over the Air signal down

      UPDATE: This problem has been resolved, and the OTA signal for the DT54 channels restored. (DT54.1 through 54.5) KQED Plus’ Over the Air transmission is currently off air via our KQEH transmitter on Monument Peak northeast of San Jose. Technicians are working on the problem. No current estimate regarding how long this will exist. We […]

    • KQET (DT25) Over the Air: Wed 8/27

      We are aware of the break-up issues for our DT25 Over the Air signal in the Monterey/Salinas area. This will also affect viewers of any cable or satellite signal provider using that transmitter as their source. Engineers are working on the problem.

To view previous issues and how they were resolved, go to our TV Technical Issues page.

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