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Cat Stretching (#309) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Stretch and twist like a cat to create a supple spine, loose hips, and a slim waist. Gyrate your legs for a washboard stomach.

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  • KQED Life: Tue, Jul 29, 2014 -- 6:00am
  • KQED Life: Sun, Aug 3, 2014 -- 6:00am email reminder

Juice Up Your Innards (#310) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Cobra does wonders for all the inner organs. It stimulates digestion and elimination, tones the reproductive organs, relieves menstrual disorders, and benefits the liver and kidneys.

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Shoulder Stuff (#311) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Stand on your shoulders with two versions of the Shoulderstand, then rotate, stretch, and open them with flexibility exercises.

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Ab-Sense (#618) Duration: 27:55 STEREO TVG

If you haven't felt your abdominal muscles for a while, today's poses will show you they're still there as you strengthen, stretch, and twist them.

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Legs, Legs, Legs (#312) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Work your legs from top to bottom. Today's exercises loosen the knees and hips, strengthen the thighs (and abs), open the groin, and stretch the hamstrings.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Close Your Nose (#313) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Half of it, that is. This breathing technique energizes the body, soothes jangled nerves and sharpens the mind. Wai Lana shows you a different way to do Shoulderstand, too.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Tight Shoulders, Tight Neck (#314) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Melt away shoulder and upper back tension, giving your neck room to move. Feel the release as you stretch out the rest of your body.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

No More Headaches (#315) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Headaches are often caused by shoulder tension and poor posture. Today's asanas release the tension that can cause headaches-and promote good posture to boot!

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Energize with the Sun (#619) Duration: 27:55 STEREO TVG

Exercise and energize your entire body with the Salute to the Sun, Side Angle Pose, and two versions of Plough.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

The Importance of Breath (#316) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Learn this important breathing technique, Ujjayi Breathing, to release tension and calm the mind. It's a perfect way to end a session of stretches, twists, and backbends.

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Ketchari Mudra (#317) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Mudras are subtle techniques that benefit both body and mind. This one also stimulates the glands and pressure points at the back of the palate, which helps preserve the body's vital energy.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Steady Now! (#318) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Wai Lana shows you how to get into Headstand safely, step by step, both with a wall and without. Two other balancing poses teach steadiness and concentration.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Variations on the Classics (#319) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Wai Lana shows you how to modify traditional asanas with variations of Shoulderstand, Plough, and the standing forward bend.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Shoulderstand Fun (#620) Duration: 27:55 STEREO TVG

Upside down poses are especially fun when you try the variations. Open your legs wide in Shoulderstand Twist to test your balance and flexibility.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Cooling Breath (#320) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Wheel, Sun, and Squatting Pose are invigorating asanas that increase your circulation and heat up your body. Later, you can cool down with Sheetali Pranayama.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Stretch Your Legs (#321) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Tight hamstrings make it harder to stretch forward fully. So make your hamstrings stretch like taffy with regular practice of today's asanas.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Yoga at the Office (#322) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Do you get tired and tense sitting at your computer? Wai Lana shows you simple exercises to wake up and release tension right at your desk.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Terrific Triangle (#323) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

This pose stretches the body from head to toe. Balance on your buttocks for a hamstring stretch, then loosen your knees as you sit serenely in Hero Pose for yoga meditation.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Lizard, Locust, & Flapping Fish (#621) Duration: 27:55 STEREO TVG

Lizard opens your chest and stretches your back, while Locust strengthens it. Relax comfortably at the end of your session with Flapping Fish.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Energize! (#324) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Get your circulation going with a dynamic forward bend, upside down leg cycling, and Imaginary Chair. Then sink into deep relaxation with Yoga Nidra.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Get The Kinks Out (#325) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

The intense forms of Camel and Bridge get the kinks out of your shoulders and back while wonderfully stretching the front of your body. Stretch the groin in a Shoulderstand variation, and calm your nerves with Alternate Nostril Breathing.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Soothing Twist (#326) Duration: 27:35 STEREO TVG

Give yourself a soothing back massage by moving your head and legs in opposite directions. The spinal twist is energizing, too

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Tension Spots (#201) Duration: 27:55 STEREO TVG

Wai Lana shows you how to release knots of tension in the upper back and shoulders without a massage! Half Camel fully stretches the front of the spine, while Bowing Pose stretches the back.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Renew Your Energy (#622) Duration: 27:55 STEREO TVG

Release tension, strengthen your back, and revitalize your entire body with Wai Lana as she guides you through today's yoga session.

Upcoming Broadcasts:

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    TV Technical Issues
    • KQED DT9s Over the Air: beginning Wed 7/09

      (DT9.1, 9.2, 9.3) The PSIP Info part of our Over the Air (OTA) signal for KQED DT9.1, 9.2, 9.3 dropped out of our overall signal early Wednesday 7/09. Once PSIP was restored most OTA receivers moved our signal back to the correct channel locations. However, for some viewers, it appears as if they have lost […]

    • KQED FM 88.1 translator off air Tues 6/03

      The Martinez translator for KQED-FM will be off the air all day Tuesday June 3rd. We are rebuilding the 25 year old site with all new antennas and cabling. This should only affect people listening on 88.1MHz in the Martinez/Benicia area.

    • KQET planned overnight outage: early Tues 5/13

      (DT25.1, 25.2, 25.3) KQET’s Over The Air (OTA) signal will shut down late May 12/early Tues 5/13 shortly after midnight to allow for extensive electrical maintenance work at the transmitter. Engineers will do their best to complete the work by 6am Tuesday morning. This will affect OTA viewers of the DT25 channels, and signal providers […]

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