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Breaking The Violence In Ireland (#3244) Duration: 26:10 STEREO

Ireland: Breaking the cycle of violence - Gangs, drugs and violence are a daily affair in many parts of Dublin. The city has one of the highest gun-violence rates in Europe. Over the past decades, Dublin has seen sharp increase in gang violence and gun-related crime. Young people are especially affected. Most young people know someone who has been involved in a violent crime, either as a victim or the perpetrator. Now a team of medical professionals and social workers are looking for ways to break this cycle of violence. Ukraine: Dream of a "New Russia" - Pro-Russian rebels are planning to stage their own elections in the eastern separatist regions on November 2nd. The Kyiv government opposes the move, that stands to further cement the political division of Ukraine. In the Donetsk region, much of the population is of Russian descent. They blame the Ukrainian government for the bloodshed of recent months. The separatist regions are dependent on aid and assistance from Moscow. The region is also heavily dependent on the mining industry. But the aging mines, which date back to the Soviet era, do not meet EU standards. Many local residents fear that Kyiv's pro-Europe stance will spell the end of mining in the region. France: The principality of Laas en Bearn - Europe may soon have a new principality: Laas en Bearn. The mayor of Laas plans to declare its independence on January 1st, 2015. The village of Laas in southwestern France has just 111 residents. But if it becomes an independent principality, it will have its own coat-of-arms and postage stamps, and even its own diplomatic corps. The plan is being spearheaded by Jacques Pedehontaa, mayor of Laas. He wants to draw attention to the financial plight of small municipalities in France, and hopes also to bring tourists to the village. But his new principality is unlikely to gain official recognition from France. Belgium: The "Sharia4Belgium" terror trial - A trial against suspected terror organization "Sharia4Belgium" is underway in Antwerp. The group is accused of enlisting young people to send to Syria. A total of 46 members are on trial. The Antwerp trial is Belgium's largest-ever trial of its kind. Some Belgians say the state turned a blind eye to the group and is partly to blame. Local authorities estimate that between 300 and 400 Belgians have left to join the war in Syria and Iraq. In terms of the total population of 11 million people, that's the highest rate in Europe. Montenegro: The mixed legacy of an economic boom - Eight years ago, Montenegro underwent an economic boom. Foreign investment worth hundreds of millions flowed into the country, and Montenegro applied to join the European Union. At the same time, though, corruption mushroomed in Montenegro along with the abuse of state resources. Freedom of the press was also undermined. Tourism has become one of Montenegro's key industries. The coastline is undergoing massive development in hopes of luring even more visitors from Europe. But critics say that even the highest reaches of Montenegro's government are implicated in corruption and other abuses of power.

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