Colorado Experience Previous Broadcasts

Big Thompson Flood (Episode #401)

KQED World: Sun, Jul 30, 2017 -- 9:30 AM

When the skies opened on July 31, 1979, few anticipated this summer storm would result in the deadliest flash flood in Colorado's recorded history. 144 lives were lost and another 150 were injured on this tragic day. What remain are the survivor's stories, and a few stubborn structures displaying the evidence of nature's impact on a man-made environment.

Ladies of the Mines (Episode #311)

KQED World: Sun, Jul 23, 2017 -- 10:00 AM

Discover the hardships, innovation and tenacity of the women caught up in Colorado's mining bug.

Last Stop 'til Denver (Episode #305)

KQED World: Sun, Jul 23, 2017 -- 9:30 AM

From Mary Cawker to Millie Booth, meet the pioneering women whose hard work and vision brought the oldest house in Denver to life.

KKK (Episode #413)

KQED World: Sun, Jul 16, 2017 -- 10:00 AM

From the Grand Dragon to known KKK appointees in the police, mayor's and governor's office, Colorado once had the 2nd largest Klu Klux Klan Membership in the United States. Discover the sordid history of the KKK in Colorado and the courageous individuals who fought against their establishment.

Indulgences of the West (Episode #302)

KQED World: Sun, Jul 16, 2017 -- 9:30 AM

From opium "Joss Houses" and Lydia E. Pinkham's Tonic to the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act, discover the early addictions of the west.

Garden of the Gods (Episode #312)

KQED World: Sun, Jul 9, 2017 -- 10:00 AM

From Native Americans to thrill seekers, discover the beauty and history of one of the world's most visited and celebrated city parks.

Speer & The City (Episode #306)

KQED World: Sun, Jul 9, 2017 -- 9:30 AM

Meet the controversial Mayor who's "City Beautiful" vision led to Denver's Civic Center Park and parkway system in the late 1890s.

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