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Legislating Public Safety, Congresswoman Jackie Speier and Maya Angelou Tribute (Episode #129H)

KQED 9: Fri, May 30, 2014 -- 8:00 PM

Legislating Public Safety
As the community of Isla Vista mourns, the deadly rampage last weekend has re-invigorated calls for legislative action. In Washington today, Rep. Mike Thompson (D-St Helena) introduced federal legislation to target mental health services and reduce gun violence. Earlier in the week, California Assembly members Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) and Das Williams (D-Santa Barbara) proposed bills to further restrict access to guns for people deemed mentally ill. Senate leader Darrell Steinberg announced a separate set of proposals to address mental health care in the criminal justice system and to expand training for law enforcement officers. Can legislation prevent would-be-killers before they go on rampages?

• Frank Zimring, UC Berkeley School of Law
• Josh Richman, Bay Area News Group
• April Dembosky, KQED Health Reporter

Further Reporting:
Amid Warning Signs, Isla Vista Killer Slipped Through System
Isla Vista Aftermath: Can Legislation Prevent Mass Shootings?

Congresswoman Jackie Speier on Sexual Assault on College Campuses
Colleges across the country are grappling with sexual violence against women on campuses - what a White House task force recently called an epidemic that affects one in five college women. Meanwhile, the Office of Civil Rights is investigating complaints from more than fifty campuses across the country, including UC Berkeley, which is also the subject of a state probe. Scott Shafer recently sat down with Bay Area Congresswoman Jackie Speier, who is expected to introduce legislation in the coming weeks to address the issue.

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Speier Demands Accountability for Campus Sexual Assaults
UC Berkeley Students Press for Stronger Action on Sexual Assaults

Maya Angelou Tribute
The world lost a cultural and civil rights icon this week, poet Maya Angelou, who died at 86. In her memory, we share an encore presentation from the KQED archives. Belva Davis, former host of KQED's This Week in Northern California, was a longtime friend of Angelou and visited with the author in 2012 to talk about the power and beauty of friendship.

Further Reporting:
Video: KQED's Belva Davis Recalls Her Friendship with Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou: Remembering a Cultural Giant's Life in San Francisco

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Local Races in the June Primary, 'Coming Back with Wes Moore' and Fire Season Updates (Episode #128H)

KQED 9: Fri, May 16, 2014 -- 8:00 PM

Local Races In The June Primary
The June primary is less than three weeks away and it's crunch time for local candidates running for office and for groups pushing ballot measures. In San Jose, residents will vote for a new mayor. San Francisco and the East Bay are battlegrounds for key state and congressional races. Also in San Francisco, a fight over waterfront development regulations is on the ballot.

• Scott Shafer, KQED
• C.W. Nevius, San Francisco Chronicle
• Terry Christensen, San Jose State University

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Republicans Donnelly, Kashkari Face Off in Talk Show Debate
Public Safety Top Issue in San Jose Mayoral Campaign
California Proposition Guide

'Coming Back with Wes Moore'
As revelations about delays in medical care for veterans continue to surface, a new three-part documentary series takes a look at the struggles -- and successes -- of combat veterans. "Coming Back with Wes Moore", offers an unflinching yet hopeful journey into the lives of soldiers returning home from war.

Fire Season
An early heat wave and the statewide drought are contributing to concerns that a particularly severe fire season faces the state. With several wildfires already burning in southern California, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) is already at its peak staffing level for the south and will ramp up to full staffing levels in the north within two weeks.

• Paul Rogers, KQED/San Jose Mercury News

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New Evacuations Ordered in San Diego County Wildfires
Bay Area Wilts Under Record High Temps
It's Hot, Our Air Is Bad, and Watch Out for Fire

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Politics Roundup, Jose Antonio Vargas' "Documented" and A Photographer On A Mission (Episode #127H)

KQED 9: Fri, May 9, 2014 -- 8:00 PM

California Politics Roundup
President Obama's three-day swing through California this week raised buckets of campaign cash in Silicon Valley and Hollywood, with the goal of helping Democrats hold onto the U.S. Senate in November. Meanwhile, the California primary election on June 3 has longtime South Bay Congressman Mike Honda facing stiff competition from a fellow Democrat with high tech ties -- newcomer Ro Khanna. The Governor's race has two Republicans vying to stop Jerry Brown from winning an unprecedented fourth term. Scott Shafer has an election roundup with three political reporters.

•Carla Marinucci, San Francisco Chronicle
•Josh Richman, Bay Area News Group
•Scott Detrow, KQED Sacramento Bureau

Further Reporting:
A Guide to California's June 2014 Primary Ballot Measures
President Obama at Wal-Mart to Talk About Solar Power
Mike Honda, Ro Khanna Face Off Ahead of June Primary

"Documented" filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas
Jose Antonio Vargas was twelve years old when his mother sent him from the Philippines to live in the Bay Area with his grandparents. After graduating from Mountain View High School, his career as a journalist took off, but Vargas was troubled by the secret of his status as an undocumented immigrant. As he watched students and activists around the country push for the passage of the Dream Act in 2010, Vargas decided to get involved himself. His story is told through his new film, "Documented," opening in select Bay Area theaters on May 16. Thuy Vu sits down with Vargas to hear about the film and his story.

A Photographer On A Mission
California Air National Guardsman Ed Drew is the first photographer since the American Civil War to make tintype portraits of soldiers in a combat zone. Now he's turning his lens on an inspirational group of at-risk youth who are making a better life for themselves through organic farming.

Further Reporting:
Photographer on a Mission Uses 19th-Century Technique to Make Timeless Images

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Concerns Over Crude by Rail, the Push Back Against Airbnb and an Interview With Gov. Jerry Brown (Episode #126H)

KQED 9: Fri, May 2, 2014 -- 8:00 PM

Concerns Over Crude by Rail
Proposals to transport crude oil on railroads throughout Northern California are fueling worries about health and safety. Just this week, a train carrying oil derailed in Virginia, sending a huge fireball into the air and forcing evacuations. Locally, many officials and residents from Davis to Pittsburg are opposed to plans to increase crude oil rail shipments.

•Molly Samuel, KQED Science
•Yvonne Addassi, California Office of Spill Prevention and Response
•Tom Vacar, KTVU News

Further Reporting:
Bay Area Cities and Environmentalists Respond to Crude-By-Rail Boom

An Interview With Gov. Jerry Brown
Gov. Jerry Brown is weeks away from what is likely the final campaign of a political career that spans nearly half a century. He is seeking an unprecedented fourth term — 40 years after he first won the job. The Democrat is embracing something he famously rejected in the 1970s: tradition and the long view of California. KQED senior political editor John Myers caught up with Brown at the Historic Governor's Mansion in Sacramento.

Further Reporting:
Gov. Brown Skeptical of More Affirmative Action, Anti-Corruption Laws
Interview: Jerry Brown Defends His Record on Income Inequality

The Push Back Against Airbnb
The popularity of Airbnb has exploded in the Bay Area and beyond. The San Francisco-based company facilitates short-term rentals for travelers. But both landlords and housing activists are worried about the impact in the already tight housing market, and many are calling for regulation. KQED's Scott Shafer hears from San Francisco Chronicle real estate reporter Carolyn Said about the issue.

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