KQED Public TV Highlights

  • Machu Picchu


Ghosts of Machu Picchu

Wednesday at 9:00pm on KQED 9

Archaeologists probe the ruins of the "Lost City of the Incas" and unearth sacred burial grounds.

  • The Capulets and the Montagues

San Francisco Opera

Capulets and Montagues

Thursday at 8:00pm on KQED 9

Bellini's bel canto masterpiece, inspired by the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet, is headlined by international stars Joyce DiDonato and Nicole Cabell as the star-crossed lovers.

  • Diana vs. the Queen

Diana vs. the Queen

Friday at 9:00pm on KQED 9

Charts the troubled relationship between Elizabeth, Queen of England, and Diana, Queen of Hearts; one remote and pragmatic, the other emotional and insecure.

  • Monkey Business

Movie: Monkey Business

Saturday at 8:00pm on KQED 9

(1952) Drinking an elixir makes a professor (Cary Grant) and his wife (Ginger Rogers) act teenage and worse. Cast: Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers, Marilyn Monroe.

What's on tonight?

TV Tonight

Sep 02, 2014

  • 8:00pm Wild Kratts Octopus Wildkratticus
  • 8:30pm Wild Kratts Walk on the Wetside
  • 9:00pm Arthur The Wheel Deal/The Buster Report
  • 9:30pm Arthur Francine's Big Top Trouble/George Blows His Top
  • 10:00pm Cyberchase Harriet Hippo and the Mean Green
  • 10:30pm Martha Speaks Return Of The Bookbots: The Case Of The Missing Words, Part One & Two

Kids Programming Changes

KQED Productions

  • Check Please! Bay Area

    Check Please! Bay Area

    Restaurant reviews with a dash of style, from real people like you! Hosted by Leslie Sbrocco.

  • Pepin

    Essential Pépin

    This series is the culmination of Jacques Pépin's 60+ years of experience in the kitchen.

  • KQED Newsroom


    A weekly news program on television, radio and online, featuring Thuy Vu and Scott Shafer.

  • Pepin

    Film School Shorts

    Emerging filmmakers from top film schools bring you quirky comedies, poignant dramas and edge-of-your seat thrillers.

  • The Do List


    A showcase of short films by emerging filmmakers who could be the next Tarantino or Coppola.

  • Jacques Pepin: More Fast Food My Way

    Jacques Pépin: More Fast Food My Way

    The master shows you how to create simple, special meals in minutes

  • Quest


    Science and nature for and about the Bay Area. Do you know what's in your own backyard?

  • Spark


    Spark takes you inside the creative process to witness the challenges and rewards of making art.

  • This Is Us

    This Is Us

    KQED profiles remarkable individuals in Northern California.

  • Truly CA

    Truly CA

    A showcase of documentary films about California made by independent filmmakers.

TV Technical Issues

TV Technical Issues

As we become aware of technical problems originating from KQED, KQED Plus, or KQET, we will list them here.

    TV Technical Issues
    • KQET (DT25) Over the Air: Wed 8/27

      We are aware of the break-up issues for our DT25 Over the Air signal in the Monterey/Salinas area. This will also affect viewers of any cable or satellite signal provider using that transmitter as their source. Engineers are working on the problem.

    • Week of 8/25: Sutro Tower work (including KQED 9 Over the Air)

      (Affects several San Francisco TV & Radio stations, including KQED 9.1, 9.2 & 9.3) During the week of August 25, Monday through Friday, between 9am and 4pm, several TV and radio stations will be switching to their Auxiliary antennas. This is being done so that the tower crew can perform routine maintenance on the regular […]

    • KQET Off Air Sun 8/03 morning

      (DT25.1, 25.2, 25.3) KQET DT25 was off the air for a portion of Sunday morning, due to the transmitter taking a power hit. The signal has been restored. Most receivers should have re-acquired our signal once it returned, but a few Over the Air viewers may need to do a rescan in order to restore […]

To view previous issues and how they were resolved, go to our TV Technical Issues page.

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