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Is affirmative action fair?

Should the Electoral College be reformed?

Is NAFTA good for Americans?

Has No Child Left Behind been successful?

Should the United States drill for oil in protected offshore waters?

Does the United States spend too much money on defense?

Should gays be allowed to marry?

Is torture a legitimate means of combating terrorism?

Should the United States end its dependence on foreign oil?

Are tougher U.S. immigration laws hurting America?

Should the federal income tax system be reformed?

Should the United States adopt a single-payer, universal health care plan?

About You Decide

You Decide is an online devil’s advocate designed to challenge your point of view on current issues. Perhaps the arguments in these activities will encourage you to reconsider your position... or maybe not. But one thing is certain. The issues Americans face are complex, our opinions are passionately held, and the devil is in the details. Think you know where you stand? You just might surprise yourself.

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  • Should affirmative action be continued?
  • Should the government aid individuals whose investments turn bad?


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Nothing about the issues facing America today is black and white. With these You Decide activities, you can explore both sides of an issue, put your own critical thinking to work, and discuss the pros and cons with others. In the end, perhaps you will ask different — and better — questions than those presented here.

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