Snapshots of Asian America: A Look at the Movement's Spirit and Legacy
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Cover of Kalayaan newspaper, published by KDP, Union of Democratic Pilipinos, c. 1971. This cover, urging "Power through Unity" and "Unity through Struggle," reflected the ideals of many Movement revolutionaries. In reality, it was not easy putting these ideals into practice, observed Pat Sumi (see text below).

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Interview with Pat Sumi


I think we really failed ultimately in not knowing how to use leadership with a long vision. We just went from demonstration to demonstration, and newspaper to newspaper. But beyond that, our thought of revolution was to just get bigger and bigger, and eventually there would be a few people who would provide leadership on the right things to do.

In reality it's much more complicated, and I think that's where we really fell apart because we couldn't agree on what the right thing was. And instead of trying to work things out, we just focused on the disagreements, and got more and more contentious and lost sight of all the reasons of why we should be unified. It was partly egos, partly inexperience, and partly naivete.

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