Snapshots of Asian America: A Look at the Movement's Spirit and Legacy
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A Third World Liberation Front (TWLF) strike rally at UC Berkeley, 1970. The TWLF strike raised issues that went beyond the establishment of Ethnic Studies, like the "long-range ideal" that Harvey Dong talks about (see text below).
Photo by Douglas Wachter.

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Transforming Student Elites Into Community Activists: A Legacy of Asian American Activism


We saw Chinatown as an internal colony. So when you talk about anti-colonialism, you have to look at what other alternatives or ideals are that you are promoting. That was one of the things that came out of the Third World strike [for Ethnic Studies]. Once we get this program [Ethnic Stuides], what long-range ideal are we looking at? That's how a lot of us started developing socialist ideas. Some of the people involved did see Ethnic Studies as the main goal. And some others felt that it was part of a goal -- a short-term goal to a longer-term goal of making deeper transformations in society.

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