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Episode 201: Viva España!

Minute Recipe: Butter Bean Canapés
Jacques' world travels influence his cooking, and with this menu we'll savor the essence of Spain. Bold and Spicy Gazpacho kicks off the meal followed by Shellfish and Chicken Paella. A quick detour to pick up some Caribbean flavors makes the last dish of Pineapple in Dark Rum Sauce worth a trip to the kitchen.

Episode 202: Citrus Thrill

Minute Recipe: Cured Herring Starter
Jacques fires up the kitchen with a mouth-watering Skirt Steak Grandma, accented by freshly squeezed lime in an anchovy and garlic sauce. He complements this hearty dish with a classic Gnocchi with Eggs and Scallions and Sautéed Curly Mustard Greens with Hot Sausage. The elegantly presented Chestnut Cream Mont-Blanc, with crushed pieces of scrumptious biscotti, chestnut purée, and whipped cream, is a simply delicious ending.

Episode 203: Perfect Presentations

Minute Recipe: Fried Capers
Lobster Roll Medallions on Spinach Salad show off Jacques' new presentation of a summer seafood favorite. He proves that a craving for hearty food can be satisfied in minutes with Quick Lamb Stew, where vegetables are cooked separately and the lamb is served rare. Finally, skip the time and effort it takes to make a tart crust and head straight for the filling in this shortcut that encases Small Berry Custards in pretty dishes.

Episode 204: Simple Sweet Notes

Minute Recipe: Beet, Stilton, Apple, and Nut Salad
Jacques cuts the cooking time of a whole chicken in half with a pair of shears and a few slashes of his knife in this flavorful Roasted Split Chicken with Mustard Crust. Fluffy Mashed Potatoes make the perfect side dish. Pizza is made quicker and easier when you use a ready-made base, and Jacques personalizes it with an unusual twist when he crisps lavash to make Smoked Salmon Pizza garnished with capers, onion, and cilantro. He concludes with a no-frills concoction of Greek Yogurt, Walnuts, and Honey -- arguably one of his fastest desserts.

Episode 205: Chef's Dream

Minute Recipe: Anchovy Spread
Combining silky tuna, crunchy apples, herbaceous chives, and piquant shallots, Jacques assembles a mountain of fresh Bluefin Tuna Tartare with Apple to open the show. Inspired by the flavors of the East, Jacques prepares exotic Lamb Burgers with Feta Cheese, cooked rare and served with a refreshing Yogurt-Cucumber Sauce and a "gratin" of Corn Parfait. He ends his cooking adventure with Cream Cheese and Fruit Medley.

Episode 206: Chockfull of Surprises

Minute Recipe: Asian Chicken Livers
Surprising tastes, tricks, and techniques abound in this show as Jacques checks the labels on canned ingredients to make Pumpkin Gratin. He hides treasures inside Tomato Surprise and naps the Grilled Striped Bass with Romesco Sauce. To complete the menu, some of the best Californian brandy made makes its appearance in Cherries in Armagnac Sauce with Pound Cake.

Episode 207: Layered Elegance

Minute Recipe: Rice Paper Rolls with Avocado and Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Jacques shows his daughter Claudine how presentation can make a simple, traditional dish truly elegant by layering feta, cucumber, and onion with tomato slices to make his Tall Greek Tomato Salad. Poached Salmon in Sour Cream-Herb Sauce follows as Jacques reveals his father's dislike of olive oil to Claudine. Together they make a variation of his mother's recipe, Stew of Peas and Carrots -- a meal in itself! Dessert is pure simplicity with Sweet Riccota Gâteaux with Peach Sauce.

Episode 208: The Egg First!

Minute Recipe: Red Pepper Dip
Jacques loves all eggs, all ways! Cooking them correctly is an important technique, and who better to demonstrate the perfect hard-cooked egg than a master of technique! Jacques begins this menu with hard-cooked eggs used as a garnish for his Asparagus Fans with Mustard Sauce. Simply seared in moments, Scallops Grenobloise is the ultimate fast dish and when served with Potato Gratin with Cream, it makes a rich main course. Jam Tartines with Fruit Sherbet conclude the menu.

Episode 209: Fast Proof

Minute Recipe: Cheesy Breadsticks
Bread does take time to make, but Jacques shows viewers how to mix and bake a loaf of bread in one pot in his Slow and Easy Bread in a Pot. Next, he shares his favorite eggs prepared in little ramekins and known as Cocotte Eggs with Creamed Mushrooms. When Jacques raids the pantry and freezer, he finds the fixings to make a Ragout of Broccolini, Beans, and Sausage. Fresh berries and a neat twist on store-bought pastry crust end the meal with Cookie Dough Raspberry Tart.

Episode 210: Brussels Sprout Love

Minute Recipe: Cured Salmon Morsels
If left on a desert island, Jacques thinks he'd be quite happy as long as he had some chickens! For Jacques, the prize part of the chicken is the thigh, and he thinks you'll agree when you try Crusty Chicken Thighs with Mushroom Sauce, served with a tasty Fricassee of Brussels Sprouts and Bacon. An inspired use of instant potato flakes to thicken a soup shows up in the fast-cooking Seafood Chowder topped with fresh crabmeat. To end on a relaxing note, Jacques arranges a presentation of Stilton with Apple and Nuts to accompany a delicious glass of vintage or aged tawny Port.

Episode 211: Go Fish

Minute Recipe: Sweet Crisp Bacon
Living close to the Connecticut shore offers Jacques the opportunity to celebrate the bounties of the sea. He loves seafood and begins this menu with a Picante Mussel Pilaf. Next, Jacques surprises viewers with a novel take on a breadcrumb coating for Onion-Crusted Sole with Anchovy Butter. He ends with a popular French dessert that's not quite an omelet, yet not quite a custard -- it's an Apricot Clafoutis.

Episode 212: Spice Up Your Life

Minute Recipe: Radish Toast
When Claudine comes to visit, Jacques wants to be able to spend the day with his daughter and granddaughter, so he turns to his pressure cooker to prepare a speedy Lamb Curry and serves it over Rice with Raisins. To begin the meal, Jacques manages to stretch four ounces of sea scallops into a dish for four in the form of Scallop Pancakes on Boston Salad; the aroma of the cooking pancakes makes it impossible to resist tasting the first ones hot out of the pan. For the finale, Jacques transforms a tortilla and a can of apricots into a beautiful and delicious Crisp Apricot Galette.

Episode 213: Earth to Table

Minute Recipe: Melba Toast
For Jacques, nothing beats an earthy soup to keep you warm during the coldest season, and his Hearty Vegetable Bean Soup hits the spot. To spice up the evening, he creates pockets in boneless chicken breasts and fills them with a tasty stuffing in Chicken Suprêmes with Tapenade and Mushroom Sauce served over Vegetable Couscous. The meal ends on a sweet note with a Pear Compote and freshly baked Almond Crumble Cookies.

Episode 214: Sole-ful Suppertime

Minute Recipe: Goat Cheese Toast
Jacques makes the sweet, nutty flavors of winter squash tickle the palate with a warm and creamy Butternut Squash Velvet, while he admits to supplying his brother with seeds of this New World squash. Blossoming roses of creamy fish paupiettes in Fillet of Sole with Mushroom Sauce are paired with Peas, Mushrooms, and Endive along with tips to help keep your sauce from breaking. The meal ends with an unusual combination of Seckel Pears in Coffee and a grated chocolate garnish.

Episode 215: Crock of Flavor

Minute Recipe: Cherries in Eau de Vie
Light, lean, and big on flavor! This menu features Small Crocks of Shrimp in Hot Vegetable Broth and lean pork tenderloin in Pork Medallions with Grapes and Pomegranate Sauce, accompanied by a mélange of Spinach, Macadamia Nuts, and Raisins. For dessert, it's Butter Pecan Ice Cream with Apple Maple Topping, completing a feast worthy of any company!

Episode 216: Smooth Food

Minute Recipe: Surimi Salad on Greens
With daughter Claudine visiting the kitchen, Jacques uses a local blue cheese to make Mini Savory Cheesecakes on Arugula. Even when Claudine forgets to coat the sides of the soufflé dishes with breadcrumbs, they can still be unmolded for serving! Steamed Scrod Packages in Pimiento Sauce and Butternut Squash Sauté complete the menu's savory dishes, leaving a comforting Tapioca Banana Coconut Pudding for dessert.

Episode 217: Game Day Pressure

Minute Recipe: Cheese Balls with Pignoli Nuts
For an unusual crispy snack to keep friends munching, Jacques makes Crunchy Kale. Then, forget long hours over the stove, Jacques shows us how to make chili without fuss in a pressure cooker for a game day favorite, Chili con Carne with Lettuce and Cheese. For dessert, Pears Bonne Femme are easy and decadent. To add an eclectic note and bit of extravagance, Jacques makes potato pancakes, known as Criques. Served with sustainable Californian caviar, these tasty morsels are both delicious and environmentally friendly!

Episode 218: Light and Luscious

Minute Recipe: Salmon Rolls
Endive, chicory, Belgium endive -- Jacques explains the differences between these vegetables, starting with Rigatoni with Lettuce and Eggplant and Sautéed Julienned Endive. A trip to the fish counter results in a harvest of some ocean "greens," too! Seaweed-lined bamboo steamer baskets hold fresh seafood for Steamed Fish and Shellfish Baskets. The pantry supplies dessert as dried figs and walnuts poached in honeyed wine appear in Sautéed Stuffed Figs with Blueberries, a dessert that pairs perfectly with the sweet fortified wine, Madeira.

Episode 219: Dinner Party Special

Minute Recipe: Salmon Mousse
Stuffed Pork Tenderloin on Grape Tomatoes is impressive, but Jacques shows that making this spinach and cheese stuffed roast doesn't have to be complicated. Setting the stage for a dinner to remember is a simple version of an elegant classic: Cream of Leek and Mushroom Soup. Mini Almond Cakes doused in ruby red Raspberry Sauce crown this special party menu.

Episode 220: Breaking with Tradition

Minute Recipe: Chicken Persillade
Jacques breaks with tradition to make a Skillet Apple Charlotte cooked in a single pan. From a jar of mayonnaise, he makes a dressing -- that's his alone -- to serve with eggs, anchovies, and tomatoes in a Harlequin Salad. And when veal isn't an option for the classic scaloppine, Jacques chooses turkey breast for a twist in Turkey Scaloppine with Dried Morels served with Middle Eastern Couscous with Saffron.

Episode 221: Bread Flip

Minute Recipe: Glazed Sausage Bits
When Jacques discovers a new bread at a local restaurant, he cannot resist developing his own version. The result is the first dish on the show, Tibetan Flatbread. The bread is cooked in a frying pan, and Claudine holds her breath as Jacques flips it after seven minutes. Next, Jacques reveals that he doesn't throw out broccoli stems. In fact, the stems are his favorite part of the vegetable and also the main ingredient in his Risotto with Broccoli Stems. Salmon Burgers on Baby Arugula appear before Jacques shows the versatility of citrus by cutting Grapefruit Suprêmes and candying the rind.

Episode 222: Seafood Tricks

Minute Recipe: Eggs and Anchovies
Little tricks make life in the kitchen so much easier, and Jacques is always ready with tips to simplify or speed up a task. Here he pops clams into the freezer for a few minutes to make opening them a breeze for his Baked Clams Madison. Jacques suggests cod as the perfect choice for those who hesitate to cook fish. It stays moist through cooking and, when topped with an olive crust in Cod in Olive-Tomato Crust, it packs a lot of flavor. Skillet Broccoli Bits make a great pairing with the fish. Finally, warm hazelnut-chocolate spread is mixed with ice cream to form the sauce in Mango with Nutella Sauce.

Episode 223: Dessert First!

Minute Recipe: Savory Iceberg Cups
When in doubt, start with dessert! It's easy to do when you use a tortilla for the crust as Jacques does in his Crisp Pear Tart. Fresh bay scallops are shown in the shell at their very best (and become too tempting for Jacques who can't resist nibbling on them) in the light and vibrant Bay Scallops in Mignonnette Sauce. For a homier dish, Jacques shares his comforting Sausage Patties with Pumpkin Seeds and Mushrooms served with Cornmeal Mush.

Episode 224: Pop Over Anytime

Minute Recipe: Spanish Tomato Bread and Serrano Ham or Prosciutto
Pantry staples and convenience foods take the stress out of visitors popping in! Jacques begins with a handy, pre-made pizza shell for his Chorizo, Mushroom, and Cheese Pizza. With a box of pasta and can of tuna from the cupboard, he creates Orecchiette with Fennel and Tuna. Lastly, a couple of eggs combined with the pantry staples of flour and sugar are whipped up into a kid-friendly dessert: Popover with Apricot Jam.

Episode 225: Vegetable Fête

Minute Recipe: Mini Croques-Monsieur
Jacques reminisces about his childhood and celebrates the bounty of the season. He cooks up a batch of ratatouille that can be served two ways. While it's perfectly delicious on its own, Jacques serves it with pasta in Ratatouille with Penne. Seafood stars in Shrimp with Cabbage and Red Caviar, and delicate peaches end the show in Jacques' classically prepared Peach Melba.

Episode 226: Simple Savers

Minute Recipe: Basil Cheese Dip
Born in Lyon, France, Jacques demonstrates his regional versions of fried and poached eggs as he makes the classic salad Frisée aux Lardons. Then, with thoughts of summer, he makes Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato and Anchovy Sauce. In a sweet ending, Jacques talks about spending time with his granddaughter while he makes an impressive-looking -- but simple to assemble -- Chocolate Cups and Chocolate Rocher with Hazelnuts and Cornflakes.